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B'Cuzz Growth Enhancers
B'Cuzz Growth Enhancers - Root Stimulator
B’Cuzz Root Stimulator can dramatically improve cloning success rates.
Botanicare - Power Clone Gel
ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS help cutting quickly establish healthy, robust root systems.
Botanicare Power Clone
Botanicare - Power Clone Liquid
ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS help cutting quickly establish healthy, robust root systems.
Clonex Clone Kit
Clone Like A Pro!
Growth Technology Clonex Rooting Compound
Clonex Clone Solution
Formulated with a special blend of minerals, vitamins, wetting agents and a root promoter.
Clonex Mist 100ml
Administers minerals and amino acids to cuttings.
Growth Technology Clonex Rooting Compound
Clonex Rooting Compound
A quality rooting hormone gel to promote root growth in softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings.
CX Clone Start 1L

Start your plant off right.

CX Regen-A-Root
Stimulates extreem root growth!
CX Wilt Guard 1L
Preventing wilting & eliminating Pythium
Dip N Grow
Dip N Grow
One of the most widely used propagation agents in the country. 
DYNA-GRO Root Gel 2oz
Give your cuttings a strong start with Dyna-Gro Root-Gel.
Earth Juice Rootstock Gel
Earth Juice Nutrients - Rootstock Cloning Gel
Rootstock Gel (.02-0-.1) may be used for most soft-stem and semi-hard wood cuttings. 
Earth Juice Rootstock Liquid
Earth Juice Nutrients - Rootstock cloning solution
Rootstock Solution delivers nitrogen and potassium to cuttings to stimulate root growth.
EZ Clone Clear Rez
EZ-Clone Clear Rez is designed to help keep hydro systems free from buildup during the cloning process.
EZ-Clone Rooting Compound
EZ-Clone™ specially formulated gel is designed to speed up root development.
Hormex Concentrate
A vitamin/hormone concentrate and root growth stimulant. Prevents transplant shock!
Hormex Rooting Powder .75oz
Hormex Rooting Powders are comprised of 6, hormone based Rooting Powders.
Root+ Cloning Gel
NutriPlus Root Plus Cloning Gel

Top-quality cloning gel with organic antiseptic. Specially formulated for softwood plants.

Olivia's Cloning Gel

One of the industry's most trusted cloning gels. Professional-strength, no mixing required!

Olivia's Cloning Solution
Olivia's Cloning Solution
One of the most popular, easy to use rooting solutions available.
RX Green Solutions Life
Shown to reduce the number of days to root
Technaflora Rootech Cloning Gel
Technaflora Rootech Cloning Gel
A premium formulation of hormones (0.55% I.D.B), vitamins, nutrient and antimicrobials.