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HTG 250w Small Bubble Boy Tent Kit w/4 Bangers
Grow in even the smallest of spaces Hydroponically!
HTG 250w Small Grow Tent Kit
Big things can come out of small packages!
HTG 400w 2x4 Bubble Boy Grow Tent Kit
Ready to grow!
HTG 400w 2x4 Soil Grow Kit

Everything you need right here.

HTG 400w Original Bubble Boy Grow Tent Kit
Hydroponics has never been so easy or affordable.
HTG 400w Original Grow Tent Kit

Grow 6 full sized plants with ease!

HTG 400w Original Stacker Bubble Boy Grow Tent Kit
Indoor Hydroponics Has Never Been So Easy!
HTG 400w Original Stacker Soil Grow Tent Kit
Low ceiling? No Problem.
HTG 400w Small Bubble Boy Tent kit
All ready to GROW!!! Its hard not to do great with these Complete Grow Kits.
HTG 400w Small Grow Tent Kit
Perfect for a small space!!!
HTG 600w Big Boy Medium Tent Kit

This Big Boy System is designed to grow 6 Massive plants with ease!

HTG 600w Grow Tent Kit
The HTG 600w Grow Tent Set Up is designed to grow 6 large organic plants.
HTG 1000w Big Boy Grow Tent Kit
Anyone can grow huge plants hydroponically with ease! Just get a complete grow kit!
HTG 1000w Large Grow Tent Kit
Want to grow MASSIVE organic plants? This is for you!!!
HTG Original Short Stack Clone Kit
The Perfect Clone Box!
HTG Original Short Stack Veg Kit
Fits Anywhere!
Mother Keeper Complete Grow Tent System
Looking to grow indoors for a great price? Then this system is for you.
Out Of This World Grow Kit
Multiple Points of Light! Low Heat Output Everything You Need
The 400 Watt Organic Soil Grow Kit
This kit is designed with the organic gardener on a budget in mind.
The Dirty Dozen Organic Starter Pack
Everything you need to grow 12 beautiful plants
The HTG Supply Organic Herb Kit

Grow Organic Herbs Anywhere!!!