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HTG Supply offers the best Hydroponic Systems and Hydroponic supplies at the lowest prices. Looking for a top quality Hydroponic plant growing system? HTG Supply has a huge selection of Hydroponic Systems for every type of indoor grow room, from beginner to hobby to professional gardens. HTGSupply carries only top quality Hydroponic systems and hydroponic gardening equipment that has met our rigorous testing and performance standards, to ensure years of quality service in your hydroponic garden. HTGSupply can help you find the best hydroponic system to fit your needs.

HTGSupply carries all the different types of hydroponic growing systems including DWC – Deep Water Culture, Ebb and Flow Hydroponics/ Ebb and Grow Hydroponics, Flood and Drain systems, Aeroponics, Bubbleponics, Hydroponic Drip Sytems, Waterfarms, EZCloner, Clone buckets and much more. Ebb and Flow / Big Boy systems are also known as Flood and Drain, and are an easy to use system that periodically pumps nutrient solution directly to the plant roots and then drains it back to a reservoir. Aeroponic hydroponics uses sprayers to deliver an oxygen infused nutrient solution directly to the root zone for dynamic growth. Deep Water Culture and Bubbleponics bathe the root zone in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution, while Drip systems and Waterfarms provide a constant drip of nutrient solution. Cloning systems allow you to produce exact replicas of a “mother plant” for easy growing without needing seeds. Each type of Hydroponic system can be easy and will produce huge yields not typically possible with traditional gardening methods. Take the guesswork out of growing and purchase one of our ready made hydroponic gardening kits, it will make hydroponic growing easy. If you are more knowledgeable and want to assemble your own hydroponic growing system, we have all the supplies and equipment needed for a do it yourself project. HTGSupply can help you assemble any type of hydroponic system that best fits your needs, if you need assistance please contact us or visit one of our many retail locations.

8 Site Clone Bucket
8 Site Cloner Bucket
Factory made, self contained eight-site cloning system at an unbelievable price!
Active Aqua Chiller
Active Aqua Chiller refrigeration unit 1/10 HP
The Active Aqua Chiller is ideal to keep reservoirs at the perfect temperature.
AeroFlo2 36 Site by GH
Thirty-six plant sites in a compact footprint
AeroFloČ 60 Site
AeroFlo2 60 Site by GH

The innovative AeroFlo² offers the fastest growth rate of any hydroponic system that we sell!


By generating a fine mist of nutrient solution, aeroponic culture optimizes the oxygen/water/ nutrient ratio for the roots of plants and provides ideal conditions for all stages of growth. Plants' roots grow in the moist air space between the net cups and hang in a shallow, constantly circulating bath of super-oxygenated nutrient solution. Controlling the depth of nutrient solution in the growing chamber maximizes moisture supplied to seedlings and cuttings and increases aeration to the roots of mature plants.


The AeroFlo² 60 is sized as follows:
• Standard configuration:
5'1" x 6'10"
• Staggered configuration:
5'1" x 11'7"

Big Boy 6 Pot Expansion Kit
Expand your Big Boy Hydroponic System easely up to 18 pots!  New better tubing!!
Big Boy Hydroponic System
Extremely user friendly system that produces top-shelf results for an affordable price!                                                

IT'S FINALLY HERE: an affordable ebb and flow system that's smarter than the rest!!!  The Big Boy Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System is an unbelievable value to any indoor farmer!  This system offers all of the versatility of much higher priced systems and MORE, at nearly half the cost.   Using the digital timers included with the system, the fill and drain cycles can be timed down to the minute.  The layout of the 3.5 gallon site pots can be easily condensed to meet spatial limitations, and also arranged to allow easy access for maintenance purposes.  The unique setup of the Big Boy also gives it the ability to transform from the basic six pot model, all the way up to an 18 POT HORTICULTURAL POWERHOUSE!  Six Bucket expansion kits, including the necessary tubing and connectors, can be added at any time to fit your growing needs.   The Big Boy also includes a water level adjustment feature, which is not available in other more expensive units. 



As with many things, the simplicity of the Big Boy Ebb & Flow System is its beauty.  The system works by pumping the nutrient solution in your reservoir through a controller bucket and into the sites.  As the solution in the sites and controller bucket rise together, the float valve in the controller bucket stops the flow at the desired level.   When the drain cycle begins, the solution is pumped through the controller bucket and back to the reservoir.  After assembling and testing the system, simply set the flood and drain to begin delivering life giving water and nutrients to your plants!  With the Big Boy System, there are no complicated and expensive control modules to go bad on you.  Plus, if there ever are any issues, don’t sweat it.  The system is covered under a 5 year warranty, and our knowledgeable sales staff can even make repairs on the spot at your local retail store.


In addition to its simplicity and the common sense water level adjustment feature, the design of the Big Boy Ebb & Flow System addresses many of the other shortcomings of similar systems.  First off, the Big Boy utilizes larger 3.5 gallon, low profile site pots which sit the same height as 2 gallon pots and much lower than an ebb and flow table.  The higher volume 3.5 gallon pot system allows its owners to grow larger, more robust plants while conserving vertical space!  Also, the Big Boy's convenient net pot style lids for its growing sites require less growing medium than other systems.  Not only does this save you money on filling up the sites, but also makes cleaning and reusing hydroponic medium much less of a hassle.  Anyone who's ever done so knows that is a big deal!  Another advantage that the Big Boy offers is larger 3/4" tubing and connectors.  Not only does this feature provide faster fill and drain cycles, but it also helps to reduce the chance of the hydroponic medium getting caught in the lines.  The larger lines paired together with flexibility of the two Dual Outlet Digital Timers with battery backup, give owners the ability to run well timed, precision flood and drain cycles.


The Big Boy Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System is a perfect illustration of the fact that at HTG Supply, we want you to succeed.  Our aim is to offer quality products like the Big Boy that not only save you money, but also help to reduce the time required for mundane tasks in the garden.


Check out the Big Boy Instructions below for more details on this system.


Now with higher qualty tubing that is extreemely kink resistant!!!


* This system does not come with any growing Medium. Each 10" Bucket lid holds 7 Liters of medium (6 pot complete holds 42 Liters of grow medium)

* As with any hydroponic system it is a good idea to add an air stone in your reservoir to keep it aerated and moving. 

BubbleBoy Four Banger DWC
Bubble Boy Four Banger DWC
The Bubble Boy Four Banger is an affordable professional 4 site DWC hydroponic grow system.
Bubble Boy Single Shot DWC
Bubble Boy Single Shot DWC

The Single Shot is an affordable, professional one site DWC hydroponic grow system. Read more!

Bubble Brothers 6 Pot DWC System
The Newest WAVE In Hydroponics
Class 5 Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System
The Big Boy's Big Brother!
Class 5's - 6 Pot Expansion

Expand Your Class 5 With Ease!

Complete Clone Bucket System
Complete 8 Site Cloner Bucket Kit
Everything you need to start cloning, at a price to fit any budget!
Current Culture Under Current 4
The Under Current charges the solution with dissolved oxygen, creating a hyper aerobic condition.
DWDrip Hydroponic System
NEW Hybrid Hydroponic System!
Ebb Monster 3 Pot Expansions
Use the Ebb Monster 3-Pot Expansion Kit to add grow sites to the Ebb Monster System. Includes three 5-gallon buckets with necessary tubing and fittings.
Elemental H2O Chiller - 1/10 HP
Hydroponic hobbyists can keep roots cool and plants happy with a chiller.
Emily's Garden System
This 16" x 24" x 6" garden with 6 individual planters allows you to rotate or add new plants as you please. It will fit just about anywhere - on a bench, a shelf, table or out on the patio. Great Beginner system with easy set up.
EZ-Clone 128 Site

Better than ever!

EZ-Clone 16 Site
New better priced EZ-Clones!
Ez-Clone 32 Site

Make great clones fast and easy with an EZ-Clone.

EZ-Clone 64 Site
New design!
Garden of Ease
Garden Of Ease
Sunleaves Garden Of Ease is the perfect introduction to hydroponics. The Garden Of Ease is a complete hydroponic system. Compact, attractive, economical and easy-to-use, it offers everything you need to grow prolific plants indoors.
Hydrofarm Megagarden System
Get the convenience of an Ebb & Flow System in a 22" x 22" x 10" size garden. Ebb & Flow Systems work by pumping nutrient solution up from a reservoir to a controlled water level tray. All plants are watered uniformly on a timed cycle.
JetFlo Econo 2' x 2'
The Econojet keeps initial garden set-up costs to a minimum while producing stunning results in a small space. The 24"x24"x7" ebb and flow tray accommodates all types of soilless grow media. Its raised platform keeps the medium out of the nutrient solution once the tray has drained. The 20-gallon reservoir has a removable gripped lid for easy access to the reservoir tank.
WaterFarm 8 Unit
WaterFarm 8 unit with Controller Kit
The WaterFarm Controller Kit comes complete with eight WaterFarms, a Standard Controller, three-part Flora nutrient kit, a dual-diaphragm air pump, and all the necessary tubing. This versatile kit can be arranged to fit most spaces, packed close together for small spaces or spread out to accommodate larger plants. It's an excellent option for any grower.
WaterFarm Single Stand Alone Unit
WaterFarm Single Stand Alone Unit
The compact WaterFarm hydroponic garden measures a mere 10"x10"x15" tall, but boasts a reservoir capacity of four gallons. It's capable of growing small, medium and large plants up to pepper, cucumber and tomato size. Comes complete with reservoir, growth chamber, pump, and FloraKit nutrients.