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HTG Supply offers the best indoor growing reflective films at the lowest prices. Looking for a top quality Reflective Mylar Rolls, or Black and White poly? HTG Supply has a huge selection grow room reflective films for every type of indoor gardener, from beginner to hobby to professional growers. HTGSupply reflective films have many uses for the indoor gardener including redirecting wasted stray light back to the growing area and protection of grow room surfaces. HTGSupply reflective films are super reflective, tough and durable. Our heavy duty Mylar film can be used line the walls, floor and ceiling of grow room areas to maximize the reflectance of the light back toward the plants in the growing area. Our top quality Grow Room Mylar film is available in many different lengths and thicknesses for different applications. HTGSupply Black and White poly is heavy duty, highly reflective plastic sheeting that can be used much the same as Mylar and can also be used to protect floors and other areas from spills and dirt. IR Blocker is a reflective mylar film bonded to bubble type insulation (Reflectix), which can be used for insulation or thermal security applications. Other specialty reflective materials such as Diamond Foil and Blackout Canvas have many uses for the hydroponic indoor gardener, for wall coverings, grow tent construction and much more.

Reflective Mylar

Mirror-like, highly-versatile, thick mylar maximizes light and yeilds. 

Black and White Poly

Black and White Poly is easy to use and maintain. Tough 6 mil thickness.  

Premium Reflective Materials

Heavy duty, professional grade materials with superior reflectiveness and additional benefits. 

IR Blocker

IR Blocker is constructed

using NASA-based technology.