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Charlotte, NC Location


High Tech Garden Supply
2712 Freedom Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28208

Store Hours

Monday through Friday 11:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 10:00am - 5:00pm

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HTGSupply North Carolina Blog

 HTGSupply North Carolina Blog



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High Tech Garden Supply in Charlotte, NC is located at 2712 Freedom Drive, next
to Ace Cash Advance, Tool King and directly across the street from McDonalds and
Kmart. We are the Carolina Super Store when it comes to grow gear, whether you are
into hydroponics or organics or both. HTG Supply Charlotte has a vast inventory to
meet anyone’s growing needs and is the number one grow shop in the Carolina’s. HTG
Supply offers a full inventory of ORGANIC nutrients, organic soils and soilless mixes,
worm castings, peat moss and all of your hydroponic nutrients, components, Hydroton/
Hydrostone (expanded clay) Grodan (rockwool) plus too much more to list!
HTG Supply has a hydroponics section that cannot be beat, as we have every hydroponic
system, component, part and supply in stock.


HTG Supply also has the largest selection of quality grow lights anywhere in North
Carolina and South Carolina. With unbelievable grow light system pricing, for instance
you can get a 600 watt HPS Digital Ballast system (High Pressure Sodium grow bulb,
digital ballast, socket set and grow lighting reflector hood), this is a top quality unit at a
cheap grow light price. We also stock some of the best LED grow lights (light emitting
diode) technology on the market with pricing starting at $149.95 and High Output T-
5 fluorescent grow lights starting at $26.95. We also have many more great values on
everything needed for your indoor garden, including; fans, carbon filters, air conditioners,
dehumidifiers, grow tents, containers and grow bags, mylar and other grow room
reflective materials, timers, lighting controllers, atmosphere controllers, co2 devices and
controllers, dry nets, nursery pots, plus much more. We carry dozens of different brands
of hydroponic fertilizers and organic fertilizer, and we have all sizes in stock and ready
for you to get your indoor or outdoor garden growing.


Our customer service is unmatched in the industry. HTG Supply Charlotte is a full
service grow store, if you have any warranty issues we will take care of it on site. Our
friendly knowledgeable staff is here to help with all your growing needs! HTG Supply
services not only customers in Charlotte with quality indoor gardening products, but
we have customers that drive from Asheville, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville,
Greensboro, Hickory, Boone, Wilmington and we can’t forget the South Carolina cities
of Columbia, Charleston, Myrtle Beach and many more. Some people even travel as far
as Atlanta, GA just to shop at our store. Our brands include: Fox Farm / Ocean Forest /
Happy Frog, Advanced Nutrients, Hydrofarm, ProMix BX, Roots Organic 707, Hortilux
grow lamps, Sunmaster, Botanicare, Heavy 16, Ebb & Grow, Lumatek, Can Fans and
Carbon Filters, House and Garden Nutrients, Cyco, General Hydroponics / GH and many


To Charlotte, NC:
From I-77 take exit 9 or 10. Travel to 27 west for 1.5 miles and we will be on the right.
From I-85 take exit 34. Follow 27 east for 1 mile and we will be on the left.