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Soul Synthetics Sale!
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HTG 6 Inch High Velocity Inline Fan
GrowBright 6" High Velocity Inline Fan

GrowBright's 6" Inline Fan uses 110 watts and is rated at 424 CFM.

Flange size = 6".



The GrowBright 6" Inline Fan uses 110 watts and pushes 424 cfm of air, flange size 6".

Stump Tea
Bring Life To Your Roots With Stump Tea!!!
HTG 400 Watt HPS $119.95
HTGSupply 400w High Pressure Sodium Grow Light
Complete Kit Includes:    400w Ballast, Bulb, Reflector, and Cords.     Click to CUSTOMIZE!
HTG 400w Original Bubble Boy Grow Tent Kit
Now with FREE RX Green Solutions!

New Products
GrowBright 1000w Switchable Ballast - 277v
Comes with 277v L7P15 Locking Plug
AgroMax Intensity Series LED - 228w
The future of LEDs!
Stump Tea Sweetener
100% Spray Dried Cane Molasses!
Organic Rescue Mist Rapid Flower
For a smooth transition from grow to bloom try Rapid Flower.

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