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Soul Synthetics Sale!
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Featured Products
AgroMax 4ft T5 Pure Par Bulbs
The most advanced HO T5 on the market!
HTG 400w Small Bubble Boy Tent kit
Now with FREE RX Green Solutions!
Einstein Digital CO2 Controller
High quality, fully adjustable Digital CO2 Controller!!!
HTG 400w 2x4 Bubble Boy Grow Tent Kit
Now with FREE RX Green Solutions!

New Products
Complete Digital CO2 Release System
Everything needed to properly release CO2.
Growshop Outlet 4' 4 Lamp T5 With Grow Bulbs
Limited Time Offer!
HTG 400w 2x4 Soil Grow Kit

Everything you need right here.

AgroMax Intensity Series LED - 342w
So intense for so little power.

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