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New Store in Orange, Connecticut
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Featured Products
6 Band 225w Super UFO LED Grow Light
The newest wave of the LED invasion!!!
Agromax 400w Induction Grow Light
Built to last!
AgroMax Intensity Series LED - 342w

So intense for so little power.

RX Green Solutions Life
Shown to reduce the number of days to root

New Products
Ultra Oxy Pot - 3.5 Gallon

Air prune roots for great results.

Pro-Blend Nutrient Measuring Device
Makes measuring out nutrients a "squeeze".
HTG 6 Inch High Velocity Inline Fan
GrowBright 6" High Velocity Inline Fan

GrowBright's 6" Inline Fan uses 110 watts and is rated at 424 CFM.

Flange size = 6".



The GrowBright 6" Inline Fan uses 110 watts and pushes 424 cfm of air, flange size 6".

Complete Clone Bucket System
Complete 8 Site Cloner Bucket Kit
Everything you need to start cloning, at a price to fit any budget!

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