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Lansing, MI Location


High Tech Garden Supply
2815 East Grand River Ave.
Lansing, MI 48912
(517) 580-0555

Store Hours

Moday thru Friday 11:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday 11:00am - 5:00pm

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HTGSupply Michigan Blog

HTG Supply is the biggest and best hydroponics / organics / indoor garden grow store in all of Michigan, with multiple locations throughout the state to serve you. High Tech Garden Supply - Lansing, MI is located at 2815 East Grand River Avenue. HTG Supply’s huge showroom is fully stocked with great deals on plant care products & equipment for indoor gardens & outdoor gardens. Whether you're just starting seeds or you're ready to harvest we carry everything the grower needs from potting soil to nutrients, pesticides & indoor grow lighting with all of the hardware & knowledge you'll need for a successful garden. At High Tech Garden Supply, we have it all, you'll find quality organic & synthetic grow products, including fertilizers, nutrients, supplements and additives from Heavy 16, Botanicare, Foxfarm, General Hydroponics, Roots Organic, Dark Energy, Mighty Wash and Advanced Nutrients as well as all the other top brands. HTG Supply has all the garden soils, coco fiber, rockwool and soilless mixes you will need for hydroponic and non-hydroponic growers, including Ocean Forest, Happy Frog, Roots 707, Roots Coco Palms, ProMix BX, Sunshine #4 Mix and more.


Best yet, HTG Supply has a friendly and knowledgeable staff that are experienced growers and can offer valuable advice and tips on how to make your gardens more successful and productive.


HTG Supply is the biggest grow shop in Central Michigan and has the best prices around on top quality indoor grow lighting supplies for your indoor garden. We have a large variety of grow light packages on display in our store for you to browse from small 150 watt or 250 watt grow light systems to 400 watt grow lights, 600 watt digital grow lights and tons of 1000 watt grow light packages. And we stock every grow bulb made: Metal Halide / MH, High Pressure Sodium / HPS, High Output T5 Fluorescent grow lights and even LED Grow Lights from respected companies like Hortilux, Sunmaster, Agromax, Growbright, & many more. HTG Supply – Lansing, Michigan carries gigantic stock of hundreds of grow lights, grow light reflector hoods and indoor grow lighting accessories. We carry all the top brands of grow light ballast including digital ballasts and standard magnetic ballast types. HTG Supply has every type of reflective film needed for indoor grow room areas, including Black / White poly / Panda Film, Mylar and Diamond Foil and we have the areas largest selection of Grow tents and drying nets. We also carry dozens of styles and types of grow room fans including Can Fans, duct fans, inline fans, blowers, oscillating fans, carbon filters and other garden odor control devices. HTG Supply carries a wide selection of hydroponic gardening products, natural organic soils, nutrients, organic fertilizers, pest control products and water filtration / RO Reverse Osmosis water filters at great low prices. HTG Supply stocks all the hydroponic supplies, hydroponic equipment, parts and pieces that you will need for your indoor hydroponic garden. Our brands include: Heavy 16, Fox Farm / Ocean Forest / Happy Frog, Advanced Nutrients, Hydrofarm, ProMix BX, Roots Organic 707, Hortilux grow lamps, Sunmaster, Botanicare, Ebb & Grow, Lumatek, Can Fans and Carbon Filters, House and Garden Nutrients, Dyna-Grow, Ionics, General Hydroponics / GH and many more. We also have all the CO2 equipment you need for your indoor garden including tanks, controllers, valves, and even Exhale CO2 bags. HTG Supply has every size of grow pots, containers, grow bags, root pouches, rooting pots and buckets you need. HTG Supply Lansing also has a full stock of all of the meters and testing equipment you need to keep your garden growing, including Blue Lab meters, Hanna and PH control supplies. We also many carry specialty items such as spinning flower trimmers / leaf trimmers / bud trimmer, extraction bags / bubble bags and digital nutrient scales.


We at High Tech Garden Supply are always looking to save you some green so check out our weekly in store specials or come on in for our "Free Compost Tea Tuesdays." You bring the jug & we'll fill it up with our special compost tea blend for your plants, free!


No matter where you are in Central Michigan from Flint to Saginaw, from Grand Rapids to Iona, from Ann Arbor to Jackson or from Brighton to Mason - HTG Supply Lansing is the grow supply store / hydro shop that will have what you need!


Stop on by & let our friendly & knowledgeable and experienced gardening staff help you with all of your indoor garden & outdoor garden, hydroponic or soil growing needs!


To HTGSupply Lansing, MI:
From Route 127 to Exit# 78 west and go 1/4 mile west on East Grand River Avenue. HTGSupply will be on the right.