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Advanced Nutrients Piranha Powder - 50 Gram
Product Number: NUT-AN-PIR50
Advanced Nutrients Piranha Liquid
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Use: Beneficial Fungi for both Soil or Hydroponic Application.

Companion Products: Highly recommended to be used in conjunction with Dr. Hornby’s Voodoo Juice and Carbo Load.

About Dr. Hornby PIRANHA Powder:


Dr. Hornby’s Piranha Beneficial Fungi is the perfect companion product to Dr. Hornby’s Voodoo Juice. Dr. Hornby’s Voodoo Juice colonizes the root zone with beneficial bacteria, while Dr. Hornby’s Piranha colonizes the root zone with 26 beneficial fungi. These fugi are 8 species of trichodermia and 18 species of endo and exto mycorrhizal. Trichodermia are very aggressive colonizers that enhance root mass, and provide excellent control from root rot, pythium and pytophethoria. Dr. Hornby’s Piranha Beneficial Fungi is an effective foliar spray against fungi that attack plant foliage (ie. Pythium sppl, rolfsii, and Sclerotonai homoeocarps). There are over 50,000 research studies on the mycorrhizal relationship. The mycorrhizal fungi excrete powerful chemicals that dissolve mineral nutrients, absorb water, retard soil pathogens, and glue soil particles together into a porous structure. Mycorrhizal can expand the surface area of the root mass by 700%. Both plant and fungus benefit from the symbiotic relationship. Research has documented improved plant nutrient and water uptake and resistance to a wide range of soil diseases and environmental extremes. Plants establish, fruit and flower more abundantly and require less intensive care. This is a major reason why plants from natural undisturbed areas can thrive for decades and centuries without irrigation, fertilizers or pesticides. The mycorrhizal network is the original world wide web!

Piranha Technical Info:


Most growers think of fungi as something bad that can happen to their crop, similar to mold. Advanced Nutrients wants to introduce you to beneficial fungi that can take a bite out of bad fungi while boosting your crop’s root mass, root efficiency, and yield. Our PIRANHA product contains the perfect type of beneficial fungi that you need to use in your agricultural enterprises. When you put Piranha in your root zone, these fungi work symbiotically with roots and other root zone components to help roots absorb nutrients and process them more efficiently. The surge of nutrients creates a surge in growth and yield. As an added benefit, when Piranha is used as a foliar spray or in the root zone, it acts as a bio-fungicide that can resist harmful fungi, mold and mildew infestations that would otherwise ruin your crop. Many of our customers use Piranha along with Voodoo Juice and Carbo Load because the three products have a complementary effect that potentiates the best of each individual formula. Customers who’ve been growing in sterile media or systems that lack soil tell us that using Piranha, Voodoo and Carbo Load creates a natural environment for their crops that has fertility similar to that found in the richest outdoor soil.

Piranha Mixing Instructions:


Directions: Root zone application: Mix 0.3 grams per Litre (1/8 tsp per quart) of nutrient solution.

For accelerated growth: Use 0.6 grams per Litre (1/4 tsp per quart) Apply weekly during vegetative (grow) cycle and weeks 1 & 2 of the flowering cycle.

Foliar Spray: For foliar colonization of beneficial fungi, Mix 2 grams per Litre (1 tsp per quart) with pure water. Apply weekly.

Note: 1 tbsp = 7 grams

Warning: Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children.

About Advanced Nutrients:


Advanced Nutrients are simply the most excellent all-purpose horticultural fertilizers on the market today. A team of 5 pHd’s (all with degrees in plant science) have constructed a comprehensive fertilization program for faster, healthier production of all your greenhouse crops - the "2+" program. The 2+ program combines complete pharmaceutical-grade fertilizers with supplementation of every nutritional variable that is not a base element - enzymes, B-vitamins, hormones, carbohydrates, humic and fulvic acids, and crucial amino acids that are missing from other general hydroponic fertilizers. Advanced Nutrients conducts continuous research and development in 16 laboratories - the largest hydroponic nutrient research and development program in the world. Weekly tissue sampling throughout each stage of a plant’s life has enabled Advanced Nutrients’ scientists to create products that are calibrated to the exact requirements of your crops. The use of pharmaceutical grade chemicals ensure that a higher percentage of what you see on your TDS meter is actually available to plants. Other general hydroponic fertilizers only use technical grade chemicals to blend their nutrients. That means that only 75-80% of the dissolved solids are actually available to plants. The missing percentage of these tech-grade nutrients is made up of unusable salts and precipitants that actually inhibit growth and slows uptake of usable nutrients. To compliment the higher quality ingredients, Advanced Nutrients uses only pure, high temperature reverse-osmosis water (0 ppm) for the manufacture of all of their liquid products. This ensures total bacterial control and the complete suspension of all elements in solution. Ordinary fertilizers brag about using chelated micro-nutrients, but use only one type of chelator. Advanced Nutrients uses at least two chelators per micronutrient - sometimes as many as four types of chelators (such as with iron) to maintain optimum availability over the longest timeline. However, despite the fact that Advanced Nutrients uses higher quality constituents in these fertilizers and has spared no expense in the research that backs their product, the retail price of the 3-part nutrient line is actually less expensive than the nearest leading general hydroponic fertilizers. In addition to their base fertilizers and supplements, Advanced Nutrients has created biological products (Voodoo, Pirahna, Tarantula) that control every major greenhouse pathogen (All root rot species, powdery mildew, botrytis bud rot), so you can spend more time growing and less time worrying. These are just a few of the many reasons why Advanced Nutrients can be found in over 700 retail outlets with the help of distributors in Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Netherlands and Germany. Because growing plants in a general hydroponic manner will only yield general results. Your crop deserves better - Advance to the next level of growing.

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