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Big Daddy 3'x3' - 8" Air Coolable Reflector, The COLOSSUS of Cooling
Product Number: REF-BD100
Big Daddy 3x3 Reflector
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The BIG DADDY measures in at a MASSIVE 3 feet x 3 feet square reflector dimensions.  This is one SUPER LARGE REFLECTOR made to spread the light over a very large area.  


Air-Tight Gasketed 8" Removable Flanges with rubber gaskets can be placed Inline (straight through), Smokestack (straight up) or optional vent covers can be used making this the most versatile 8" Air Cooled hood on the market. 


The Adjustable Socket bracket allows for the customization of the light spread either in a tight or wide beam spread and allows for the centering of the bulb inside the reflector.   


A premium interior hammertoned polished aluminum reflector where it counts  provides excellent light reflectivity and dispersal.  


A powder coated steel housing is super tough and Tempered Glass lens is included also. 


Recommended for 600 and 1000 watt systems and is an excellent choice for multiple light grow rooms. 


Some assembly required.


Reflector Dimensions: 36"x36"x11"


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Optional Socket / Cord Set:
No Socket Set ($0.00)
15 Foot Socket / Cord Set ($16.00)
Would you like to add Reflector Hangers?:
No Hangers ($0.00)
1/8" Rope Ratchets 75lb Max ($11.00)
Pair of Rope Ratchet - 1/4 Inch x 8 Foot - 150 lb max ($18.95)
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