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Digital Greenhouse 600 watt HPS & MH Ballast
Product Number: BAL-DG600
Digital Greenhouse 600 Watt Ballast
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Digital Electronic 600 watt HPS & MH Ballast ONLY


- The newest, latest and greatest technological advance in grow lights. This is THE future of Grow Lights!
- Brighter - Reduces energy - Increases lamp life
- Lightweight + Silent + Low heat




Don’t be fooled by other inferior products


This is a premium quality high output digital electronic ballast made specifically for horticultural use. Others sell digital electronic ballasts made for commercial lighting applications which DO NOT operate at normal output levels. These "other" ballasts are made for one thing: saving electricity. In the process, they sacrifice LIGHT OUTPUT for ENERGY SAVINGS. They simply do not run the bulb to it’s full potential. Plant growth is directly related to the amount of light they receive. If your plants receive less light, they will not grow as well as they should. With this High Output Digital Electronic Ballast from Digital Greenhouse you still obtain substantial energy savings AND experience HIGHER LIGHT OUTPUT from your 600 watt bulbs than other digital electronic ballasts. This means you will achieve MORE OVERALL PLANT GROWTH and HIGHER PLANT YIELDS.


This is a HIGH OUTPUT DIGITAL ELECTRONIC BALLAST that operates both 600 watt High Pressure Sodium and 600 watt Metal Halide Lamps


The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE Electronic ballasts are more efficient and reduce energy consumption.


The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE Electronic ballast improves lighting quality and increases garden yields.


The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE ballast features patented "soft-start" technology which increases lamp life and stops voltage spikes on your power meter. The soft-start technology allows for 50% less power consumption during lamp startup and drastically reduced energy consumption overall.


The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE electronic ballast is lighter, smaller and more reliable than standard technology "core and coil" ballasts. It is also virtually silent, no noise or hum! The ballast is totally sealed, which protects the unit from dust and dirt, ensuring a lifetime of trouble-free operation.


The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE electronic ballast has a built in "smart chip" and AUTOMATICALLY adjusts to Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium bulbs. There is no need for a "switch" or to change systems, simply change from MH for vegetative growth to HPS for the flowering phase of growth.


The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE electronic ballast operates at a high frequency (20,000Hz) instead of the lowly 60Hz of standard core&coil ballasts. This allows the lamp to operate more efficiently, produce more usable light for plants and last longer. Lamp lumen loss is minimized allowing for a brighter system over time and extending usable lamp life.


Energy consumption is reduced and on average will save over $100 per year on electric bills.


The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE electronic ballast operates cooler than standard systems improving ballast life and reducing temperature in your growing area.


The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE electronic ballast plugs into standard 120v household current. Easy to use, Easy on the electric bill!


About the ballast:


- Measures approx: 12" long x 4" wide x 3" deep
- Lightweight Teal Anodized Aluminum Housing - Very Attractive and Highly Functional
- 10' Heavy Duty Grounded Power Cord
- Operates both HPS and MH bulbs!
- Very Low Heat !
- Silent Operation
- Operates on Standard Household Voltage (120 volts, Standard 3 prong plug)
- SUPERIOR TO OTHERS on the Market!
- Item is in stock and ready to ship!

Why pay over $350 from other internet sellers for an inferior product? Buy here, get the BEST and $AVE MONEY!


Retrofit existing "core and coil" magnetic ballast systems to a DIGITAL ELECTRONIC BALLAST UPGRADE or build your own system from the ground up using this technology. We also have sockets, bulbs or entire systems available!


Digital Greenhouse ballasts are now UL listed!  What does this mean?  This means that Digital Greenhouse ballasts are now certified for safety by Underwriter Laboratories, the worlds leading electrical product safety organization.  Check the other brands, are they listed, probably not.  Demand safety, demand Digital Greenhouse.

As of January 1st, 2010, the Digital Greenhouse ballasts now come standard with a 5 year warranty, 3 years complete, 2 years pro-rated! Before January 1st, 2010 the warranty was 2 years.

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