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Digital Greenhouse 600 watt HPS Grow Light
Product Number: GL-DG600HPS
Digital 600 Watt Grow Light
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Digital Electronic 600 watt HPS Grow Light



As seen in hobby and professional growers magazines across the country.


Complete 600 watt HPS DIGITAL Grow Light System


This light is made for growing plants, quiet, safe, powerful, efficient and comes with 1 specialty high output HPS grow bulb.


This system is complete and ready to grow!


Plugs into a standard household outlet !


Complete system includes:

  • 600 watt Digital Electronic High Output Remote Ballast
  • MaxWing Reflector
  • HTGSupply 600 watt HPS High Output Horticultural bulb
  • Socket / Cord Set

About the system:


This 600 watt system is recommended for gardens anywhere between 4’ x 4’ (floor space) to 7’ x 7’.

This is simply the BEST High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) Grow Light System on the market today. Top Quality Construction and Components combined with Outstanding Value make this the perfect choice for your grow light needs.


Digital Ballast info:






This is a HIGH OUTPUT DIGITAL ELECTRONIC BALLAST that operates both 600 watt High Pressure Sodium and 600 watt Metal Halide Lamps


The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE Electronic ballasts are more efficient and reduce energy consumption.


The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE Electronic ballast improves lighting quality and increases garden yields.


The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE ballast features patented "soft-start" technology which increases lamp life and stops voltage spikes on your power meter. The soft-start technology allows for 50% less power consumption during lamp startup and drastically reduced energy consumption overall.


The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE electronic ballast is lighter, smaller and more reliable than standard technology "core and coil" ballasts. It is also virtually silent, no noise or hum.! The ballast is totally sealed, which protects the unit from dust and dirt, ensuring a lifetime of trouble-free operation.


The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE electronic ballast has a built in "smart chip" and AUTOMATICALLY adjusts to Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium bulbs. There is no need for a "switch" or to change systems, simply change from MH for vegetative growth to HPS for the flowering phase of growth.


The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE electronic ballast operates at a high frequency (20,000Hz) instead of the lowly 60Hz of standard core&coil ballasts. This allows the lamp to operate more efficiently, produce more usable light for plants and last longer. Lamp lumen loss is minimized allowing for a brighter system over time and extending usable lamp life.


Energy consumption is reduced and on average will save over $100 per year on electric bills.

The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE electronic ballast operates cooler than standard systems improving ballast life and reducing temperature in your growing area.


The DIGITAL GREENHOUSE electronic ballast plugs into standard 120v household current. . It can also be used on 240 volt circuit automatically - with no special wiring. Easy to use, Easy on the electric bill!


Digital Greenhouse ballasts are now UL listed!  What does this mean?  This means that Digital Greenhouse ballasts are now certified for safety by Underwriter Laboratories, the worlds leading electrical product safety organization. Check the other brands.  Are they listed? Probably not... Demand safety, demand Digital Greenhouse!

Digital Greenhouse ballasts now come standard with a 5 year warranty, 3 years complete, 2 years pro-rated!


MaxWing Reflector:


Measures: 19" long x 16.5" wide x 6 1/2" deep


This Reflector is COMPACT and POWERFUL. Made from highly reflective (95%+ reflective) polished aluminum this reflector will not rust, corrode, chip or discolor. NOT made from inferior chrome which, under the intense heat of an H.I.D. lamp, will chip, fade and discolor over time. This Reflector is built to last a lifetime. It combines the high reflectivity of the mirror like finish of the polished aluminum with the excellent light dispersal qualities of a dimpled or hammer-toned surface. This is simply the BEST material to use for H.I.D. lighting reflectors. The horizontal configuration delivers the maximum amount of light over the entire garden. Hammer-toned surface eliminates "hotspots" and ensures lush, even plant growth.


Check out the upgrades below for further choices of reflectors.


HTGSupply 600w HPS Lamp:


Brand New HIGH OUTPUT 600 watt High Output HPS bulb emits 95,000 lumens - standard 600w HPS bulbs which emit only 72,000 lumens. The 600 watt HPS bulb is a very popular bulb developed for the indoor hobbyist grower today.


Higher Lumen output for HIGHER YIELDS.


24,000 hour expected life span (one year is 8,760 hours)




Check out the upgrades below for further choices of bulbs.


Socket / Cord Set


The detachable Plug Cord Set features a 16 gauge, 15’ heavy duty cord that attaches to the reflector. Cord set fits major brand reflectors including High Yield Lighting brand reflectors. If you ever desire to UPGRADE to a different reflector, this Cord set allows you to do so!




The warranty coverage for this system as of January 1st, 2010 is 5 years on the digital electronic ballast and components, and 1 year for the bulbs. We stand behind our products 100% and will personally take care of any warranty issues you may have.



Customize your product
Select the Reflector:
Maxwing Reflector ($0.00)
Euro Reflector ($35.00)
Straight 6 Reflector ($35.00)
Mini SunSoaker Reflector ($38.00)
QuadRay Reflector ($38.00)
Supernova Reflector ($38.00)
EasyCool 6 Reflector ($48.00)
XL Cooltube 6 Reflector ($48.00)
EasyCool 8 Reflector ($58.00)
Straight 8 Reflector ($58.00)
Sunsoaker Reflector ($60.00)
AIROFLOW Reflector ($70.00)
SunWing 6 Reflector ($70.00)
SunWing 8 Reflector ($86.00)
Big Kahuna Reflector ($90.00)
Big Daddy 3x3 Reflector ($140.00)
HTGSupply 600w HPS Bulb ($0.00)
Digital Plus 600 Watt HPS Lamp ($8.00)
GrowBright 600 watt HPS Bulb ($8.00)
AgroMax 600 watt HPS Bulb ($24.00)
SunMaster 600w HPS Bulb ($29.00)
Hortilux Super HPS Lamp 600W ($68.00)
GrowBright 600 Watt MH Conversion Bulb ($12.00)
AgroMax Digital 600 Watt MH Bulb ($24.00)
SunMaster 600w MH Conversion Cool Deluxe Bulb ($40.00)
Spare Bulb?:
No Spare HPS Bulb ($0.00)
HTG 600w HPS Bulb ($32.00)
Digital Plus 600 Watt HPS Lamp ($40.00)
GrowBright 600w HPS Bulb ($40.00)
AgroMax 600w HPS Bulb ($56.00)
SunMaster 600w HPS Bulb ($61.00)
Hortilux Super HPS Lamp 600W ($100.00)
GrowBright 600w MH Conversion Bulb ($44.00)
AgroMax Digital 600w MH Bulb ($56.00)
SunMaster 600w MH Conversion Cool Deluxe Bulb ($72.00)
Add a Timer?:
No Timer ($0.00)
Single Outlet Mechanical Timer - 120v ($10.00)
Dual Outlet Mechanical Timer - 120 volt ($15.00)
8 Outlet Surge Protector - 120v ($19.00)
Dual Outlet Digital Timer w/ Battery BackUp - 120v ($20.00)
Reflector hangers?:
No Reflector Hangers ($0.00)
1/8" Rope Ratchets 75lb Max ($11.00)
Hi-Low Reflector Hangers ($12.00)
Steel Wheel Reflector Hangers ($13.00)
Select the Voltage:
110 volt power cord ($0.00)
240 volt power cord ($5.50)
Optional Extended Warranty?:
Standard Warranty ($0.00)
Extended Ballast Protection 6 Full Years! ($40.00)
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