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FoxFarm's LIGHT WARRIOR Agro-ponic Grow Medium
Product Number: MED-LWA310
FoxFarm's LIGHT WARRIOR Agro-ponic Grow Medium

LIGHT WARRIOR Agroponic Grow Medium 1 Cubic Foot:


Fox Farm’s Light Warrior is an agroponic growing medium with a kick. Incorporating mycorrhizae fungi and other biological catalysts, Light Warrior is designed to enhance root development and encourage greater nutrient uptake. An organic blend of perlite and peat moss, it’s suitable for both soil and hydroponic gardening. This is a great soilless mix. Use it in the same type container you may be putting soil in and add hydroponic nutrients to grow some super hydroponic plants! Note: A lot of customers buy the LIGHT WARRIOR and mix it with the OCEAN FOREST to make their own custom blend of soil. 1 Bag


- 1 Cubic Foot FoxFarm’s Light Warrior


FoxFarm's light Warrior contains mycorrhizae fungi.  This is a living organism and if the bags are left alone for a while before usage, will grow and medium will appear is if it is moldy!  This is completely normal and is actually a good sign that the fungi is still active.

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