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GH Maxi Series
Product Number: nut-gh-ms2p
General Hydroponics Maxi Series
General Hydroponics Maxi Series MaxiBloom
General Hydroponics Maxi Series MaxiGro
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MaxiGro and MaxiBloom are extremely potent, stand alone, water-soluble, dry concentrate nutrients designed to drive plants into higher levels of growth and yield.

Complete in all primary, secondary and micronutrients, MaixGrow and MaxiBloom are user friendly and provide superior results over a broad spectrum of different crops, water-qualities and hydroponic or soil based methods. Both are pH buffered to minimize pH drift and the need to check and adjust nutrient pH.

Use MaxiGro to start plants, for seedlings and cutting and to stimulate rapid growth through the vegetative growth stage.

Use MaxiBloom for the reproductive stage in fast growing annuals. MaxiBloom forces prolific flowering and fruiting and stimulates higher yields and crop quality.

With MaxiGro a little goes a long way. This is a very economical and effective fertilizer.

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