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Agromax Window Grow Tent - Mother Keeper (51.5 x 22.5 x 48.5)
Product Number: GT-AM-MK
GrowBright Mother Keeper Grow Tent Bulletpoints
GrowBright Mother Keeper Grow Tent Side Views
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Introducing the 51.5" x 22.5" x 48.5" Grow Tent by AgroMax. Growing plants indoors just became easier and smarter. The AgroMax Grow Tent will provide a superior indoor greenhouse growing environment for your plants. This tent is perfect for a 4 foot 4 lamp T5 light fixture. Cloning has just gotten easier.


  • 51.5" Wide x 22.5" Deep x 48.5" Tall
  • Heavy Duty Reflective Silver Lined Ballistic Nylon Construction
  • Sturdy Steel Frame
  • Two 4" Vent Ports
  • Three 6" Vent Ports
  • Bottom Vent Flap
  • Removable Waterproof Floor
  • Easy Setup Instructions
  • Now With EZ View Window

This is a multipurpose indoor growing chamber. The exterior "skin" is made of super heavy-duty black ballistic nylon lined on the inside with highly reflective weather proof silver lining. The "skin" also features commercial grade oversize sewn in zippers for easy installation and easy access to your garden. Strong, top-quality metal frame work holds this system together neatly and snugly, and is very easy to assemble. Sturdy wire roof supports will hold your grow light reflector, exhaust fan, circulation fan and a carbon filter (if desired).


Now with EZ View Window!!! You can check on your plants with out disturbing the enviroment inside the tent. Window also seals shut so no need to worry about light leaks.


A thermal sealed water-proof double floor affixes into the bottom of the Grow Cabinet acting as a double insulator against overflows or spills. The water-proof floor stands about 6" high and attaches to the sides of the tent using pre-stitched Velcro fasteners and allows for placement of the Grow Cabinet / Grow Tent on any surface without the fear of damage.


Convenient, large cord access holes with light proof Velcro covers near the top and bottom of the Grow Tent allow cords etc. to be run into the interior of the grow chamber. Velcro cord straps inside the Grow Tent near the cord access holes and in the center of the roof are provided to hold cords neatly in place.


Our Grow Cabinet / Grow Tent assembles in less than 20 minutes with no tools needed and it ships in discreet plain heavy duty brown box via UPS (unlike most of our competitors' grow cabinets, which are shipped via expensive, inconvenient, and attention-drawing Truck freight). In less than half an hour of set up time, you can have a professional quality grow room right in your own home.


Floor tray sets inside the tent frame to facilitate cleaning!


AgroMax grow tent manufacturer's warranty: 30-day full coverage for workmanship and material defects.

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