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HTG 250w Small Grow Tent Kit
Product Number: CGK-HTG250SGK
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HTG Supply 250w Small Complete Grow Tent Kit


The HTG Supply 250w  Small Complete Grow Tent Kit is designed to accommodate 6 full sized organic plants.  From top to bottom, everything you need to get growing is included in this kit for the incredible low price of only $413.95!!!  You won’t believe your eyes when you see all of the equipment listed below that comes with this sweet deal! 


Grow Tent:

The 22"x36"x63" Grow Tent is the perfect small sized, portable grow space. An excellent choice for growers wanting a small closet sized gardens without sacrificing actual closet space (leave the closet for your clothes, use the grow tent for your plants!). This Grow Tent allows you to create a micro-environment and precisely control temperature and humidity levels and photoperiod. Light proof construction does not allow for "light leaks" that can cause problems for your plants during their "dark" photoperiod for proper growth and flowering.

The 22"x36"x63" Grow Tent can be used for full-term, start-to-finish plant growth or it can be used to vegetatively grow plants before placing them into your flowering/fruiting grow room / grow tent area. Also a great choice for SEED STARTING!

The 22"x36"x63" GROW TENT features:

  • Super Sturdy Steel Frame With Locking Metal Corners
  • Measures 22" deep x 36" wide x 63" tall
  • Heavy-Duty Light-Proof Black Ballastic Nylon "Skin"
  • Shiny Silver Ultra-Reflective "MYLAR" Lined Interior for superior light reflectivity and dispersal
  • Four 6"  Vent Ports with Covers attached with Velcro
  • Two 4" Vent Ports with Covers attached with Velcro
  • Three integrated Vent Flaps for proper ventilation
  • Water-Proof Double floor contains spills/water within tent

The 22"x36"x63" GROW TENT is one of our best selling grow tents for good reason: unique features, superior design and top quality construction.

Take a look at the picture above to see the tent at just about every angle. Lightweight and Easy To Assemble the 22"x36"x63" GROW TENT will have you up and growing quickly. Top Quality Construction and Materials of the GROW TENT will provide a lifetime of use.

This is another example of the efforts of HTGSupply to supply top quality products at very competitive prices to the indoor cultivation marketplace.


AgroMax grow tent manufacturer's warranty: 30-day full coverage for workmanship and material defects.



Complete 250 Watt HPS Grow Light System:

System includes:


·          Brand New REMOTE 250 watt HPS BALLAST and Components

·          Brand New HORIZONTAL REFLECTOR with 10’ cord

·          Brand New HIGH OUTPUT 250w HPS Bulb (33,000 lumens!)


Ready, Set.......GROW!


If you are in the market for a BRAND NEW HIGH OUTPUT GROW LIGHT, you have found what you are looking for!


About the system:




Dimensions: 9" long x 4" wide x 5.5" tall


This premium HTG SUPPLY GROW LIGHT ballast and components are housed in an ULTRA-EFFICIENT OPEN AIR BALLAST HOUSING. Unlike other enclosures that house their ballasts inside a metal box - causing heat build up and lowering component life and performance - the HTG SUPPLY GROW LIGHT ballast housing incorporates an OPEN AIR type enclosure. The housing is actually built around the copper coil ballast allowing for the heat generated by the ballast to dissipate quickly and efficiently. The #1 killer of electrical components (like the ignitor and capacitor) is excessive heat. Components such as the ignitor and capacitor are housed away from the ballast inside their own small enclosure thus keeping them cool and away from the heat generated by the ballast itself. This ballast enclosure design is time tested in industrial / commercial H.I.D. applications worldwide but THE HTG SUPPLY GROW LIGHT is the ONLY GROW LIGHT to incorporate this intelligent, simple and efficient design. The OPEN AIR design of the HTG SUPPLY GROW LIGHT keeps the components cooler than any other system on the market today! The remote ballast design is far superior to other designs found on eBay and other sites.


Includes 10’ grounded power cord that plugs into a STANDARD HOUSEHOLD OUTLET!




This top of the line HORIZONTAL REFLECTOR is made from the HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS available! Specifically designed for growing plants, this reflector incorporates a steel socket/reflector bracket, 5kv Pulse Rated Mogul Based socket, and highly reflective polished aluminum reflector. The highly polished aluminum reflector has a mirror-like finish rated at 95% reflectivity for MAXIMUM LIGHT OUTPUT. This super reflective surface provides more raw light output than dimpled reflectors and is far superior in reflective qualities than cheap white painted reflectors which discolor over time. Polished Aluminum will NOT RUST, CHIP, or CORRODE like inferior chrome reflectors do under the intense heat of a high intensity discharge (H.I.D.) bulb like the High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulb that comes with this system. This reflector is built to last a lifetime and can easily be cleaned with common household window cleaner. Horizontal lamp configuration design allows for the greatest light coverage over the top of your garden area while providing the highest light intensity levels possible. It is widely recognized that the BEST design for horticultural reflectors is the HORIZONTAL REFLECTOR design incorporated with this reflector. The reflector comes with two heavy duty steel hangers to hang your reflector from, and the cord from the reflector to the ballast housing measures 10’. 


Reflector Measures Approx: 16"Long x 13"Wide x 6"Deep




Brand New HIGH OUTPUT 250 watt High Pressure Sodium bulb is rated at 33,000 lumens! Standard 250 HPS bulbs only emit 27,500 lumens. Life expectancy is 24,000 hours. 22 CRI. The 250 watt HPS bulb is a very popular bulb used by the indoor hobbyist grower today. The 250 watt HPS is more efficient in producing light than its Metal Halide counterpart and also features very little lumen loss over it’s lifetime compared to Metal Halide bulbs. You can expect only a 10% decrease in lumens over a bulb’s 3 year (24/7) lifetime. Compare that to Metal Halide, where as much as a 50% decrease in lumen output over its shorter lifetime and initially lower light output than HPS, and it is clear to see why the HPS is so popular. It is believed the HPS bulb’s bright "yellowish" spectrum mimics that of the "harvest sun", triggering plants to develop flowers rapidly and abundantly. You can expect excellent results using this HPS bulb and it is good for ALL STAGES of PLANT GROWTH.






Warranty for this system is 2 years on the ballast and components and 1 year for the bulb. Remember, this is simply the warranty. This system should provide ten, even twenty or more years of reliable service.


Reflector Hangers:

These new compact rope ratchets (2 per pack) are perfect for hanging lights, filters, and other equipment. They have metal components for long life and strength, and the pully system pulls tight, locks in place, and adjusts easily. Each ratchet holds 75 lbs. so the pair can handle jobs up to 150 lbs. Carabiner clips make attaching or removing equipment a snap.


  • 2 ratchets

  • 4 easy-to-use carabiner clips

  • 2 eight-foot cords

6 Pack Seed Starter:

The 6 Pack Seed Starter includes (6) Seed Starter Plugs, a Styrofoam holder, and drip tray. The Styrofoam holder keeps delicate roots insulated from sudden temperature changes and holds the Seed Starter Plugs perfectly. The Drip Tray simply catches runoff when watering. The super easy to use Seed Starter Plugs come with pre-made planting holes for easy planting. The Seed Starter Plugs are made of earth friendly 100% natural compressed tree bark, which holds the optimum air-to-water ratio for seed starting.  This amazing material is permeable enough to allow roots to grow directly into and penetrate through it, but also super tough and will not break apart during transplanting into soil or hydroponic gardens. 


HTG Supply 3 Gallon Grow Bags:

These are Thick Poly Grow Bags!  The six durable grow bags included with this kit are easy to handle and work great for any growing medium, including soil and coco peat.


    * !!! 6 Mil Thickness !!!
    * STRONGER and BETTER than other grow bags!
    * Black Interior and White Exterior for superior performance!
    * Reflects light back into garden (unlike black grow bags) and black interior does not allow algae growth!


Roots Organic Potting Soil!!

The soil included with this kit is a truly exceptional, ready-to-use coco fiber-based potting soil. It comes in a heavy-duty, ready-to-grow, camouflage print bag.  Each bag contains 1.5 cubic feet/10 gallons of soil.  Simply poke holes in the bottom, cut off the top and plant if you wish. This soil is amended with only the highest quality organic ingredients including bat guano, premium earth worm castings, fish bone meal, feather meal, green sand, mycorrhizae, glacial rock dust, soybean meal, humic acid, and many more. Also, it is already blended with correct proportions of perlite and pumice for excellent drainage and a vigorous root system.



Buddha Grow & Bloom is a proprietary blend of the finest organic ingredients specifically created to promote vigor, increase yields and enhance quality in potting soil grown plants throughout their life. Worldwide sourcing and deliberate design extracted and condensed into an exceptional liquid blend targeted to encourage excellence from your plants.


Circulation Fan:

The GrowBright 6” clip-on fan is whisper quiet!  It also features a fully adjustable vertical tilt, two speed operation, a 10 foot power cord, and a 360 degree pivot. Now UL Listed for safety. This fan works perfectly in our grow tents. It will clip on to any of the supports and pivot into any position.



The Ventilation Kit included with the 400w Complete Grow Kit contains tried and true tools for the heating and cooling trade, wisely adapted for cooling grow light reflectors. The 6” Inline Duct Fan included is a reliable and cost effective way to keep temperature in the indoor garden under control.  As well as cooling grow lights, it can also be used to increase the efficiency of an exhaust system containing another fan.  


*    Perfect for air cooling a single lighting reflector or ventilating a small closet sized grow room.

*    Wired to plug into a standard household outlet!

*    Rated at 250 cfm (cubic feet per minute booster)

*    Kit also includes the 6" Tent Flange, making ventilation set up a breeze!


Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer/Hygrometer:

The GrowBright Indoor / Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer is ideal for indoor gardening applications.  Two of most vital factors in the garden are the temperature and humidity.  With precise measurements supplied by this monitor you’ll know when adjustments are required, allowing you to be a master of your environment! 




    * Remote sensor probe on a 6 foot wire
    * min-max memory functions for temperature
    * Min-max memory functions for humidity
    * Temperature and Humidity Alarms


Temperature Range:

    * Indoor:
          o -14°F ~ 122°F
          o -10°C ~ 50°C
    * Outdoor
          o -58°F ~ 158°F
          o -50°~ 70°C

Humidity Range:

    * 25%RH to 90%RH

Customize your product
4 Sided Horizontal Reflector ($0.00)
MaxWing Reflector ($35.00)
Euro Reflector ($59.00)
Mini Sunsoaker Reflector ($63.00)
QuadRay Reflector ($63.00)
SuperNova Reflector ($63.00)
EasyCool 6 Reflector ($80.00)
Upgrade to a Digital Ballast?:
HTGSupply 250w HPS Ballast ($0.00)
Digital GreenHouse 250w Ballast ($70.00)
HTG Supply 250w HPS Bulb ($0.00)
GrowBright 250 Watt HPS Lamp ($8.00)
AgroMax 250 watt High Pressure Sodium Bulb ($36.00)
GrowBright 250 Watt MH Conversion Lamp ($12.00)
AgroMax 250 watt Metal Halide CONVERSION Bulb ($28.00)
Spare Bulb:
No Spare Bulb ($0.00)
HTGSupply 250 Watt HPS Bulb ($20.00)
GrowBright 250 Watt HPS Lamp ($28.00)
AgroMax 250 watt High Pressure Sodium Bulb ($56.00)
GrowBright 250 Watt MH Conversion Bulb ($32.00)
AgroMax 250 watt Metal Halide CONVERSION Bulb ($48.00)
Which Timer would you like?:
Single Outlet Mechanical Timer - 120v ($0.00)
Dual Outlet Mechanical Timer - 120v ($5.00)
8 Outlet Surge Protector - 120v ($9.00)
Dual Outlet Digital Timer w/ Battery BackUp - 120v ($10.00)
Reflector Hangers:
1/8" Rope Ratchets 75lb Max ($0.00)
HiLo Reflector Hangers ($1.00)
Steel Wheel Reflector Hangers ($2.00)
Seed Starter:
Flash Pack 6 Pack ($0.00)
6 - 3 Gallon Grow Bags ($0.00)
6 - 3 Gallon Nursery Pots ($4.20)
6 - 3 Gallon Felt Pots ($10.50)
Roots Buddha Grow & Bloom Qts ($0.00)
Fox Farm Nutrient Trio ($16.70)
Heavy 16 Veg & Bloom ($18.00)
2 - Roots Organic Soil 1.5 cuft Bag ($0.00)
2 - FoxFarm Ocean Forest 1.5cuft ($10.00)
Clip on Fan for Circulation:
6" Clip-on Fan ($0.00)
GrowBright 6" Duct Fan Kit ($0.00)
GrowBright 4" HV Fan & Filter Combo With Clamps & Duct Work ($119.40)
Additional Flange:
None ($0.00)
4 Inch Cooling Flange ($5.00)
6 Inch Flange and Coupler ($8.50)
Indoor/Outdoor Thermo/Hygrometer:
GB Thermo/Hygrometer ($0.00)
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