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Mother Keeper Complete Grow Tent System
Product Number: CGK-MKK100
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System Includes:
  • 51.5"Long x 22.5"Wide x 48.5"Tall "Mother Keeper" Grow Tent
  • 4 ft. 4 Lamp High Output T5 Grow Light
  • Four 5400K T5 High Output Grow Bulbs
  • 6" Metal Flange
  • 6" Inline Duct Fan (for air ventilation)
  • 6" Clip-On fan (for air circulation)
  • Thermometer/Hygrometer
  • Set of Hi-Lo light hangers

Similar self-contained indoor greenhouses sell for over $500 or more online and in retail hydroponic stores! Now we've put it all together...

So easy even a beginner will get excellent results.

Keep MOTHER PLANTS, clones and small vegetative plants together in one self-contained grow tent.



    • 51.5" Wide x 22.5" Deep x 48.5" Tall
    • Heavy Duty Reflective Silver Lined Ballistic Nylon Construction
    • Sturdy Steel Frame
    • Two 4" Vent Ports
    • Four 6" Vent Ports
    • Three Bottom Vent Flaps
    • Removable Waterproof Floor
    • Easy Setup Instructions

This is a multipurpose indoor growing chamber. The exterior "skin" is made of super heavy-duty black ballistic nylon lined on the inside with highly reflective weather proof silver lining. The "skin" also features commercial grade oversize sewn in zippers for easy installation and easy access to your garden. A strong, top quality metal frame work holds this system together neatly and snugly and is very easy to assemble. Sturdy wire roof supports will hold your grow light reflector, exhaust fan, circulation fan and a carbon filter (if desired).

A strong, top quality metal frame work holds this system together neatly and snuggly and is very easy to assemble.  Sturdy wire roof supports and equipment support poles strong enough to hold your grow light, exhaust fan, circulation fan, carbon filter (if desired), etc.

This tent features SIX vent ports!  Two 4" vent ports on the back of the tent and four 6" vent ports located on the side and top of the tent.  We include one 6" metal flange with this grow tent system. This allows you to attach the 6" inline fan to the metal flange to provide ventilation for the tent.

Our unit also features three built in vent flaps on three of four sides near the bottom of the grow tent to ensure proper air flow and drafting.  You can choose how open or closed you wish to keep these flaps depending on how much air flow you desire.   We suggest duct taping them closed if "light proofing" the tent.

A thermal sealed water-proof double floor affixes into the bottom of the grow tent.  The water-proof floor stands about 6" high and attaches to the sides of the tent using prestitched velcro fasteners and allows for placement of the grow tent on any surface without the fear of damage from water overflow.

Convenient 4" vent ports on the back of the tent can act as cord access holes or ventilation holes.  Each vent port has a light proof velcro cover that makes accessing the vent ports quick and easy.Velcro cord straps inside the grow tent near the cord access holes and in the center of the roof are provided to hold cords neatly in place.

The unit assembles in less than 20 minutes with no tools needed.


AgroMax grow tent manufacturer's warranty: 30-day full coverage for workmanship and material defects. 


  • Overall Dimensions: 47" Long x 10" Wide x 3" Deep
  • 48" (approx. 4 feet) Long High Output T5 - perfect for seedstarting, cloning, mother plants, vegetative plant chamber or for FULL TERM start-to-finish lighting system!
  •  FOUR 4' High Output 5400K GROW BULBS Included (T5 F54HO)
  • 5400K or Kelvin spectrum bulbs provide an Ultra-Daylight Spectrum that is designed specifically for vegetative plant growth.  These bulbs provide lush, dense, green plant growth and come from a major horticultural lighting manufacturer.
  • High Output bulbs have extremely high lumen per watt rating - 5,000 lumens per bulb!  This system emits an incredible 20,000 lumens!
  • Lamps emit very little heat, allowing you to hang the fixture very close the the plant canopy.  THIS DRAMATICALLY INCREASES YOUR YIELDS!
  • T5 bulbs have an outstanding 24,000 hour life expectancy (one year is 8,760 hours) and unlike sodium or halide bulbs, a T5 loses very little of its' light output over its' life.
  • Solid State Electronic Ballast emit very low heat and is virtually SILENT.
  • MULTI-VOLT ELECTRONIC BALLAST operates on standard Household Current (120 volts) or 240 volts AUTOMATICALLY with no need for any rewiring what-so-ever.   Inferior type T5 fixtures have cheap ballasts that only operate on 120v, ours is Superior with a Multi-Volt, premium quality ballast.  The ballast is the "engine" for this light fixture, it is very important to know you are getting the best, top quality ballast with this fixture!
  • Factory Made, Not HomeMade for superior quality
  • Top Quality Highly Reflective 95%+ polished Aluminum Reflector for Maximum Light Output unlike competitions unpolished "tin" type reflector.
  • Locking Lamp Sockets hold lamps in place properly and will not allow for the lamps to fall out.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Hang
  • Chrome hangers included with every light (no additional charge like competition)

This 2 speed 6" clip-on circulating fan is whisper quiet and features a fully adjustable vertical tilt, a 360 degree pivot and a 10 feet long grounded 3 prong cord and plug.

This fan works perfectly in our grow tents. It will clip on to any of the supports and pivot into any position.   It will provide adequate air circulation around your plants which helps the leaves stomata transpire CO2 and H2O effectively.  Stale, stagnant air can cause slowed/stunted growth and can contribute to high humidity and temperatures.  This 6" clip-on fan will alleviate those issues.

This six inch inline fan provides the ventilation needed to keep the grow tent at the correct temperature and humidity level.  Without proper ventilation temperature and humidity will raise too high for proper plant growth.  The fan is rated at 250 cfm, has a 10' grounded power cord and is whisper quiet.  It easily attaches to the 6" metal flange that fits into any of the 6" vent ports on the Mother Keeper Grow tent.  


This thermometer/hygrometer is provided with the Mother Keeper Complete Grow Tent system so you can keep an eye on your temperature and humidity.  Temperature and Humidity are very important when growing plants and especailly cuttings and clones.  The Mother Keeper Grow Tent allows you to develop a "micro-climate" inside the grow tent with great control.  The thermometer included with this system has a large LCD readout screen and remote sensor.  It records the high and low temperature and humidity inside of the grow tent and the high and low temperature from the remote sensor. The remote sensor allows you to measure the temperature in other areas in your grow tent including the growing medium and even the temperature of the root zone of your cuttings/clones.


Tired of checking out your garden and banging your head off of your light? Sunrise Hi-Lo angers make it easy to raise your light so it's out of the way while you do your gardening. Simply pull it down into place again when you're done. Just set the tension, and you're ready to go.  Super-easy to use and very convenient. Max weight is 24 lbs. for the pair. 

**No plants included. 

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HTG Supply 4 Foot 4 Lamp HO T5 ($0.00)
GrowBright 4 Foot 4 Lamp HO T5 ($20.00)
4 Full Spectrum (5400K) Bulbs ($0.00)
4 Grow (6400K) Spectrum Bulbs ($0.00)
4 Bloom (3000K) Spectrum Bulbs ($0.00)
4 Mixed - 2 Bloom (3000K) Bulbs And 2 Grow (6400K) Bulbs ($0.00)
Reflector Hangers:
Hi-Lo Reflector Hangers ($0.00)
Steel Wheel Reflector Hangers ($1.00)
Spare Bulbs:
No Spare T5 bulbs ($0.00)
4 Grow (6400K) Spectrum Bulbs - Spare ($17.95)
4 Bloom (3000K) Spectrum Bulbs - Spare ($17.95)
2 Bloom (3000K) And 2 Grow (6400K) - Spare ($17.95)
Circulation Fan:
GrowBright 6in Clip On Fan ($0.00)
GrowBright 6" Duct Fan Kit ($0.00)
Indoor/Outdoor Hygro/Thermometer:
GrowBright Indoor/Outdoor Hygro/Thermometer ($0.00)
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