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REFURBISHED - 4" GrowBright High Velocity Inline Fan
Product Number: Z-VNT-GBF400
REFURBISHED - 4 Inch High Velocity Inline Fan

REFURBISHED GrowBright 4" HIGH Velocity Inline Fan


This Refurbished Fan comes with a 90-day warranty and a 14 day money back guarantee!


Note: Refurbished items may have minor scratches, dings, or dents in the finish and the actual color of the product may vary from the picture.  However, we fully test and verify that these fans are in good working order before listing them for sale.


Control odor and temperature in your grow area with this Grow Bright 4" fan. Inline fans are perfect for carbon filters, air cooling lighting reflectors or attaching to ducting to ventilate your grow room!

Customers can control odors and keep equipment cool with this compact metal fan. Extremely quiet and easy to install, this 80-watt, 4-inch fan pushes 170 cubic feet per minute.

4" INLINE FAN by GrowBright

  • 170 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • Solid STEEL Construction (not cheap plastic)
  • ELT Listed for Safety
  • Mounting Bracket included
  • Grounded Power Cord (plugs into a standard household outlet)
  • Uses 80 watts of electricity 120V/60Hz
  • Quiet (47 db)
  • 2500 RPM

Note: This is not a wimpy inline duct fan. This is a high powered, high velocity Inline Fan that is very powerful and moves a lot of air! This is an excellent choice for ventilating grow rooms / grow tent / grow cabinets and is perfect for use with carbon filters.

This fan goes perfectly with the GrowBright 4" Pureflow Jr Carbon Filter.

Price: $75.95
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