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Shrewsbury, MA Location


High Tech Garden Supply
502 Boston Turnpike (Route 9)
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
Store Hours
Monday thru Friday 11:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 11:00am - 5:00pm

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HTGSupply Massachusetts Blog

HTGSupply Massachusetts Blog


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HTGSupply has the largest stock and lowest prices of any hydroponics / indoor grow shop in Massachusetts. Our grow light prices are the best you will find anywhere and our huge stock allows for one stop shopping. With multiple locations across New England, we are able to provide great prices and expert help to assist you with your gardening needs. High Tech Garden Supply in Shrewsbury MA is located at 560 Boston Turnpike Rd (Rt 9), 8 Miles from I-495 and 4 Miles from I-290. Conveniently located just minutes away from the city of Worcester, near I-190, Rt 146, and Rt 20. We are the premiere gardening store in the area. Our large showroom houses everything you will need to get your gardens growing. HTGSupply carries a very large selection of natural organic soils, nutrients, and pesticides. Not the organic type, that’s alright, HTGSupply still has you covered with a large selection of hydroponic systems and supplies, hydroponic and soil nutrients, rockwool, coco coir, and much more. We stock all the fertilizers, amendments, additives and grow light systems you will need for a

successful grow room.


INDOOR GARDENERS… Look no further, this is our specialty! High Tech Garden Supply has the LARGEST selection of grow mediums & equipment anywhere in Massachusetts. We stock all the fertilizers, amendments, additives and grow light systems you will need for a successful grow room. Our grow light prices are lower than any other store; we are famous for our great, top quality complete grow light kits, including an HPS complete grow light system which includes a Ballast, Horizontal Reflector Hood, Universal Socket, and HPS Grow Bulb starting at ONLY $119.95 for the 400 watt package! We also have a range of digital grow light packages like a 600 watt HPS digital ballast system includes HPS grow bulb, digital ballast, reflector hood, and socket set for a great price of $199.95! We carry a wide selection of T5 fluorescent grow light fixtures and bulbs. We stock a variety of LED grow light fixtures including a 7 Band LED Grow Light fixture that produces 7 Beneficial Plant Spectrums including Infrared for Mold Prevention and Ultraviolet for Plant Vigor. We also have many more great values on everything needed for your indoor garden, including fans, carbon filters, air conditioners, grow tents of various sizes, containers, grow bags, mylar, and other reflective materials, timers, lighting controllers, atmosphere controllers, C02 devices and controllers, various pest control products and much much more! Looking for HYDROPONIC equipment in Massachusetts? Look no further HTGSupply has the LARGEST assortment of Hydroponic systems, parts, and supplies to keep your gardens green.


We carry all the top brands of grow light ballast including digital ballasts and standard magnetic ballast types. We have hundreds of grow lights in stock, including grow light ballasts, grow light reflector hoods, LED grow lights and all indoor lighting accessories. HTG Supply has every type of reflective film needed for indoor grow room areas, including Black / White poly, Mylar and Diamond Foil and we have the areas largest selection of Grow tents and drying nets, all in stock. We also carry dozens of styles and types of grow room fans including Can Fans, duct fans, inline fans, blowers, oscillating fans, carbon filters and other garden odor control devices. HTG Supply carries a wide selection of hydroponic gardening products, natural organic soils, nutrients, organic fertilizers, pest control products and water filtration / RO Reverse Osmosis water filters at great low prices. HTG Supply stocks all the hydroponic supplies, hydroponic equipment, reservoirs, flood tables, parts and pieces that you will need for your indoor hydroponic garden. Our brands include: Roots Organics, Heavy 16, Fox Farm / Ocean Forest / Happy Frog, Advanced Nutrients, ProMix BX, Roots Organic 707, Hortilux grow lamps, Sunmaster, Botanicare, Ebb & Grow, Lumatek, Can Fans and Carbon Filters, House and Garden Nutrients, Dyna-Gro, General Hydroponics / GH , Technaflora, BLOOM (yellow bottle), GroDan, and many more. We also have all the CO2 equipment you need for your indoor garden including tanks, tank refills, controllers, valves, and more. HTG Supply has every size of grow pots, containers, grow bags, root pouches, rooting pots and buckets you need. HTG Supply Shrewsbury MA also has a full stock of all of the meters and testing equipment you need to keep your garden growing, including BlueLab and Hanna meters and PH control supplies.


To make your experience even more pleasant then just supplying you with great savings on all of your gardening needs, our professional and friendly staff will be able to answer all of your gardening questions to get you  growing faster and better. Open 7 days a week Monday through Friday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Saturday & Sunday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.!


So stop on by and check out HTGSupply! From Boston to Springfield, from Worcester to Lowell, from Cambridge to Brockton and even our friends in Rhode Island and Connecticut - HTG Supply is the leader in hydroponics, grow lights and indoor gardening supplies.


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