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HTG Supply Hydroponics & Grow Lights – FL's #1 Hydro Shop!

Hydroponics can be made simple and easy with HTG Supply. Our selection includes budget friend hydroponic equipment and the most advanced hydroponic equipment available. Stop in today and shop for yourself.

Check out the HTG Supply Melbourne grow shop video, and read on below for more about our brands and products!

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HTGSupply Melbourne, FL is Florida’s best hydroponics and grow light store. HTG Supply has the best prices on a huge stock of hydroponic supplies. HTG Supply is your one-stop grow shop, stocked with everything your garden needs to grow. We carry all the major brands of fertilizers, nutrients, soils, and grow mediums including certified organic products. We have a huge stock of grow lights, including all the latest technology in: LED grow lights, Double Ended (DE) grow lights, HPS and MH grow lights, Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH - aka "LEC") grow lights, T5 fluorescent grow lights, and more. HTGSupply is the grow store with more, we have the largest selection of Grow Tents in Florida, we have dozens of grow tents in stock for you to choose from, top quality grow tents at great prices.
HTGSupply has all the ventilation equipment you need to keep your Florida garden running cool including fans, ducting, AC units, controllers and monitors, as well as carbon filter and odor control systems to keep things fresh. We stock a full line of pest / insect control products including natural organic products. HTG Supply is a friendly grow shop. The experts at HTGSupply Melbourne, FL want to make sure you are a happy gardener, and will answer all your questions and help solve any problem you may be having in your garden.
We carry hydroponic supplies and hydroponic equipment, cloning supplies, grow bulbs and ballasts, grow room ventilation fans and filters, and automation controls. Our brands include: Hydrofarm, Sunlight Supply, Advanced Nutrients, FoxFarm, General Hydroponics, Hortilux, SunMaster, Botanicare, Canna, AgroMax, Cutting Edge, Cyco, Dutch Master, GrowBright, Dyna-Gro, Roots Organics, Technaflora, Hydroton / Hydrocorn / Expanded Clay, ProMix and ProMix HP, Happy Frog, Ocean Forest.
Other products we carry include EC / PPM / TDS Meters – Testers – Checkers – Pens & Combo units, pH Test Kits and pH Control kits, Water Filters and Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration systems, Rockwool, CO2 control systems and CO2 tanks, CO2 tank refills, Timers, Hydroponic Water Pumps and Air pumps, cloning equipment, Coco and Coco Coir products.
HTGSupply Hydroponics & Grow Lights is conveniently located at 2975 West New Haven Avenue, Melbourne FL 32904, just minutes from I-95 exit #180.