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Agromax Small Grow Tent
Agromax Small Grow Tent
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The 22"x36"x63" Grow Tent is the perfect small sized, portable grow space. An excellent choice for growers wanting a small closet sized gardens without sacrificing actual closet space (leave the closet for your clothes, use the grow tent for your plants!). This Grow Tent allows you to create a micro-environment and precisely control temperature and humidity levels and photoperiod. Light proof construction does not allow for "light leaks" that can cause problems for your plants during their "dark" photoperiod for proper growth and flowering.

The 22"x36"x63" Grow Tent can be used for full-term, start-to-finish plant growth or it can be used to vegetatively grow plants before placing them into your flowering/fruiting grow room / grow tent area. Also a great choice for SEED STARTING!

The 22"x36"x63" GROW TENT features:

  • Super Sturdy Steel Frame With Locking Metal Corners
  • Measures 22" deep x 36" wide x 63" tall
  • Heavy-Duty Light-Proof Black Ballastic Nylon "Skin"
  • Shiny Silver Ultra-Reflective "MYLAR" Lined Interior for superior light reflectivity and dispersal
  • Four 6" Vent Ports with Covers attached with Velcro
  • Two 4" Vent Ports with Covers attached with Velcro
  • Three integrated Vent Flaps for proper ventilation
  • Removable Water-Proof Double floor contains spills/water within tent
  • Easy to understand set-up instructions (we also have video instructions on the web, see below!)
  • Now With EZ View Window

The 22"x36"x63" GROW TENT is one of our best selling grow tents for good reason: unique features, superior design and top quality construction.

Take a look at the picture above to see the tent at just about every angle. Lightweight and Easy To Assemble the 22"x36"x63" GROW TENT will have you up and growing quickly. Top Quality Construction and Materials of the GROW TENT will provide a lifetime of use.
Now with EZ View Window!!! You can check on your plants with out disturbing the enviroment inside the tent. Window also seals shut so no need to worry about light leaks.

The 22"x36"x63" GROW TENT is an excellent choice for smaller wattage systems like the 175, 250, or 400 watt Metal Halide (MH), 150, 250, or 400 watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) Grow Light Systems.

This is another example of the efforts of HTGSupply to supply top quality products at very competitive prices to the indoor cultivation marketplace.

Floor tray sets inside the tent frame to facilitate cleaning!

AgroMax grow tent manufacturer's warranty: 30-day full coverage for workmanship and material defects.

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