HTG Supply 6″ Grow Caps


HTG Supply 6″ flexible grow caps are designed to prevent algae growth while delivering even nutrient solution distribution for both hand-water and automated top feed applications. Constructed of highly flexible BPA-free plastic, HTG Supply 6″ flexible grow caps are durable, reusable, and fit around established plant stems with ease. Simply twist the grow cap, insert around the base of the plant stem, and lightly press the stakes on the bottom of the cap into the grow medium. Once in place, the grow cap blocks light to prevent algae growth while the louvered openings evenly distribute nutrient solution and provide proper aeration.

Ideal for growers using 6″ rockwool cubes, grow caps are also excellent for use with flexible containers such as smart pots or fabric pots. HTG Supply grow caps can also be used with grow cap tubing clips for automated top feed systems. Clips fasten easily to the edge of the grow cap, and 1/4″ tubing is inserted in the ring on top. Simple, affordable, and effective – 8″ flexible grow caps are also available.

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HTG Supply 6″ Flexible Grow Caps

Boost top feeding efficiency and prevent algae growth on medium with HTG Supply flexible grow caps! Use grow caps for top feeding by hand or combine with grow cap tubing clips for automated top feed applications.* Simply twist the flexible cap to fit around established stems with ease! Grow caps distribute nutrients evenly and aerate medium through louvered openings while blocking light to prevent algae growth. Durable and reusable – perfect for 6″ rockwool cubes and great for use with flexible containers like grow bags or fabric pots as well!

*grow cap tubing clips sold separately 

Grow Cap Features

  • Measures (overall): 5-5/8″ x 5-5/8″ x 1-3/8″
  • Tray depth: 3/4″
  • Fits around stems up to 1″ diameter
  • Deep-dish design with built-in overflow outlet to prevents spills
  • Corner stability stakes
  • Fits 6″ rockwool cubes
  • Durable BPA-free construction
  • Compatible with grow cap tubing clips for automated/drip feed systems

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