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GrowBright SmartGrow Programmable LED Grow Light
GrowBright SmartGrow Programmable LED Grow Light
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GrowBright SmartGrow Programmable LED Grow Light

Simply put ~ the GrowBright SmartGrow LED is the light of every LED grow aficionado's dreams. With the most advanced user-adjustable features available including five fully programmable spectral channels, as well as built-in timing and environmental simulators, the GrowBright SmartGrow LED allows growers to fine-tune their spectrum and light cycle to their specific plants needs with incredible precision. Combined with pro-grade components and cutting-edge design, the GrowBright SmartGrow delivers serious growing power with complete lighting control to take your LED grow to the next level!


The days of switching bulbs or fixtures for growth stage changes are over. Featuring four separate growth stage lighting modes, the Growbright SmartGrow LED allows you to switch between Vegetative, Cloning, Bloom, and Custom lighting phases with a tap of the sleek touchscreen display. Each mode accommodates stage-oriented cycle lengths and comes pre-configured with phase-specific 5-channel spectral settings, which can be configured further to your liking.


Gain complete control of your spectrum with five independently adjustable spectral channels that cover the full horticultural spectrum; Bloom (580-700nm), Full (420-700nm), Veg (390-500nm), UV (380-400nm), and IR (680-780nm). Dynamic programming provides 0-100% intensity adjustment of each channel by cycle hour for the ultimate in precision spectrum customization.

Features & Specifications

•  Measures: 10.625"L x 9.75"W x 2"H
•  Power draw: 150w (actual draw)
•  Input voltage: 86-265v (multi-volt)
•  Chipset: 50x 5-watt
•  Lighting Modes: Vegetative, Cloning, Bloom, Custom
•  Spectral Channels: Bloom (580-700nm), Full (420-700nm), Veg (390-500nm), UV (380-400nm), and IR (680-780nm)
•  Recommended distance: 18-24" above canopy
•  Recommended coverage: 3'x 3' max
•  Integrated light cycle timing
•  Environmental effects
•  Includes 8' 120v grounded power cord & hanging hardware with wire harness
•  2-year warranty

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