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Talking Shop features in-depth discussions on a wide variety of topics with our experts in the field. Tap the collective knowledge of our HTG Supply retail store managers and master growers for valuable insight on growing methods and techniques, as well as the latest developments in indoor gardening. Join the discussion in Talking Shop today for the insider tips and answers that will put you on the path to the best yields possible!

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Talking Shop: Evolved - LED Technology

Published on 11/01/18
Today, LED technology provides the newest advances in lighting, and this is still a rapidly advancing area for indoor growing. In this Talking Shop Segment, we’ll give you an inside look at how recent advancements in LED grow light technology are changing the industry. Plus, read through for our featured coupon code to save on the latest LEDs!
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Talking Shop: Cuckoo for Coco Coir

Published on 09/28/18
Coco coir is an incredible medium that has been steadily trending up among indoor growers for some time. So why are so many growers going cuckoo for coco coir? In this segment, we’ll discuss the background of coco coir, the science behind its qualities, pros and cons, and how you can put it to use to improve your garden!
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Talking Shop: Got Worms?

Published on 08/31/18
Vermicomposting or vermiculture is the rearing of various species of earthworms to process food and paper waste into nutrient and beneficial bacteria-rich worm castings, one of the best soil amendments you can use in the indoor garden. Get all the info you need to start doing it yourself including instructions on how to build your own vermicomposting bucket setup!
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Talking Shop: Working Out With Your Buds

Published on 07/26/18
Plant training encompasses a vast array of approaches, ranging from simple plant staking to advanced Bonsai pruning and care. Learn about the benefits of various plant training techniques, the tools you may need, and several Low-Stress Training and High-Stress Training techniques you can put to use immediately!
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Talking Shop - 2018: A Grow Space Odyssey

Published on 06/29/18
With technological advances, the ability to automate tasks is becoming easier and more common, not just in factories or self-driving cars but in the garden too. In this segment, we’ll discuss different ways automation can be applied in the indoor garden and the benefits that come with it. Plus, take advantage of the featured coupon code for savings on grow room automation systems and equipment!
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Talking Shop: Concrete Jungles

Published on 05/16/18
Urban gardening involves certain techniques and has some particular issues and those are the parts that need some explaining. Urban gardening as a concept spans across mediums and techniques and tools, but we're going to start with the basics.
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Talking Shop: Between the Vines

Published on 05/07/18
Learning how to make the most efficient use of space in your grow room can pay off handsomely. In this segment, we’ll discuss some tricks and techniques that will help you more out of the space you have to work with.
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Talking Shop: Language of Light

Published on 04/20/18
Understanding the actual capabilities of any grow light involves accounting for a number of acronymous specifications that can seem like hieroglyphics, even to seasoned growers. In this segment, we’re deciphering the language of light.
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Talking Shop: Microbe Management

Published on 04/06/18
In this segment we’ll cover the basics of beneficial microbes, the roles of different types, and how to use them properly. Plus, take advantage of our featured coupon code for savings on all the small things that will help you get the most out of your garden!
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Talking Shop: Principles of Potting Up

Published on 03/14/18
Transplanting is one of those garden tasks that can be easily overcomplicated if you’re a new grower but somewhat of an afterthought if you have experience. In this segment, we'll dig into transplanting with some reminders as well as tips, tricks and techniques that will help your plants make a smooth transition!
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Talking Shop: Seeds of Success

Published on 03/01/18
Hey Growers, it’s time to start getting excited about Spring! Gardeners everywhere are gearing up for “planting season”, and we're here to talk about one of the most important methods of preparing for your grow season – seed starting – AKA seed germination!
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Talking Shop: A Light Diet

Published on 02/16/18
Hey growers, welcome back to Talking Shop with HTG Supply! This week, we're going to be introducing an often-overlooked trick of the pros – supplemental lighting! We'll explain what supplemental lighting is, the different ways it can be used, and how to make it work best for your garden.
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