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By: Dr. Meyer on 06/07/2018

In this video, Dr. Meyer covers Starting and Storing Tomato Seeds. We will see some of the benefits and stresses involved with these techniques. Here is a complete transcription of the video:

In this video I want to talk about how to start tomatoes from seeds.

Step 1.

Get some seeds. There's a couple ways to do this. You can go and just buy seeds. If you're gonna collect seeds, and keep growing the same tomatoes year after year, I could recommend getting heirloom seeds these are gonna breed true. You don't have to buy seeds specifically, you can go and buy a tomato and there are seeds in this. You see these tiny little brown things here
these are the tomato seeds. So you can buy a tomato, or if you have a tomato from your garden at the end of the year you'll scoop out the tomato seeds in the pulp and then what I do is I put them on a paper towel.

Step 2.

I'll let them sit out for a day or two. This is gonna dry out and then you can pick these little tomato seeds out if it.You're gonna save these for the next year, you're gonna put these in the freezer and keep them in the freezer over winter till spring if you just bought a tomato and you want to try growing tomatoes from seed this spring.

Step 3.

Once these are dry you're gonna place them in the soil. Now these are very small seeds as you can see. What I recommend is you bury a seed as deep as it is thick so these are going to be put very close to the surface. So I'll take some tomato seeds, I'll sprinkle it on the soil, I'll put a very light layer of soil above it.

Now what you want to know is, what does the plant looks like when it germinates. That's what these are - these are tiny little tomato plants. These two little leaves here are called cotyledons. Once the tomato plants germinate like this you want to put them into a bigger pot.

Step 4.

Now you could start off putting the seeds in a bigger pot but I like to start many different types of seeds. I'm gonna have eggplant here and I have a tiny little pumpkin plant here, so I'm gonna take these - I'm gonna put them in a bigger pot. You get a bigger pot. You're gonna put some soil in it, and have a little hole where you gonna put the tomato plant. Make sure the soil is wet and then you're going to take your tomato plant out and when you put it in the pot it should look like this. We have a nice little tomato plant in here, then you're gonna put this under your grow light a fluorescent light or LED or if you have a very sunny window you can put it in there for a few weeks. When it's a little bit bigger and there's no more frost outside you can plant these outside. You can collect seeds year after year and you can grow your own tomatoes for as long as you like. I hope this helps you get started with tomato plants from seed good growing.