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Talking Shop: Seeds of Success

Published on 03/01/18
Hey Growers, it’s time to start getting excited about Spring! Gardeners everywhere are gearing up for “planting season”, and we're here to talk about one of the most important methods of preparing for your grow season – seed starting – AKA seed germination!
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Talking Shop: A Light Diet

Published on 02/16/18
Hey growers, welcome back to Talking Shop with HTG Supply! This week, we're going to be introducing an often-overlooked trick of the pros – supplemental lighting! We'll explain what supplemental lighting is, the different ways it can be used, and how to make it work best for your garden.
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Ask the Doc: Limiting Factors in Plant Growth

Published on 02/13/18
In this video, Dr. Myers covers what factors can effect or limit your garden's growth. The goal here is to identify your limiting factor, and supplement it to help raise your garden's potential to grow even better.
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Talking Shop: Mechanics of Organics

Published on 02/01/18
This week, we'll be talking about what goes into growing organically indoors. We'll also cover what the term “organic” actually means, why it's so hotly debated in the industry, and some of things you should look out for if you're trying to keep your products as all-natural as possible, as well as the reasoning behind choosing to (or NOT to) grow organically.
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Talking Shop: CO2 - 411

Published on 01/25/18
While many growers correctly focus on nutrients, water and temperature it turns out that improving air in the grow room with CO2 enrichment can actually have one of the biggest returns of all. In this segment, we discuss the effects and benefits of CO2, how you can add it to your indoor garden, as well as tips and tricks for maximizing CO2 effectiveness. Plus, score CO2 savings with our coupon code of the week!
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Talking Shop: Defeating Deficiencies

Published on 01/19/18
Nutrient deficiencies in the indoor garden can be complicated to diagnose, but there are a few tricks of the trade that can really help in this area. In this segment, our experts get to the root of common grow room nutrient deficiencies with a little help from Dr. Myers. We’ll show you how to spot them, how to treat them, and how to best avoid them in the first place!
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Talking Shop: Mist-ical Be-leaf

Published on 01/12/18
It is generally understood that plants absorb fertilizer through roots, but even many long-time growers are unaware that plants can also absorb nutrients through their leaves. In the gardening world this is referred to as foliar feeding, and when used as a growing practice, this technique can pay off big in a number of ways. In this segment, our experts cover how foliar feeding works with the do's and don’ts of the method.
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Talking Shop: Best of Talking Shops of 2017!

Published on 01/05/18
This week, we're taking a step back to admire our work – Our Talking Shop segment for the first week of the new year is a recap of our most popular TS articles of 2017. We were pleasantly surprised by the results so we figured you might want to see them for yourself.
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Talking Shop: It's In the Mix

Published on 12/29/17
In this Talking Shop segment, we're talking super soil! Our experts get down to the nitty-gritty of super soil with the details that will help you determine if its right for you and a recipe you can try if you decide it is. Plus get the coupon code of the week for super soil savings!
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Talking Shop: pH Ups & Downs

Published on 12/22/17
Understanding the details of pH before you grab a meter and start pushing buttons is one of the keys to mastering the hydroponic craft. Our hydro experts uncover the underlying forces at work behind pH to give you the upper hand in maintaining pH perfection for optimal growth. Plus, get the coupon code of the week to save on pH gear!
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Talking Shop: Mil-Dew’s & Don’ts

Published on 12/07/17
Growing indoors in a controlled environment comes with many benefits including an extra level of protection against pathogens and diseases. However, simply gardening indoors doesn’t offer complete protection from these types of issues, and one pathogen that often finds its way into grow rooms is powdery mildew (PM).
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