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Talking Shop: Spider Mite Smackdown

Published on 11/30/17
As indoor gardeners, we go to great lengths to produce and maintain an optimal microenvironment for our plants. An unfortunate side effect of this is that we’re also creating the perfect breeding grounds for pests that prey on our precious crops, and there is perhaps no grow room pest that can wreak havoc like the dreaded spider mite.
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Talking Shop: The Ins & Outs of Ebb & Flow

Published on 11/16/17
The ebb and flow (flood and drain ) system has been a primary growing method of hydroponic gardeners for many years. It sounds simple, but for the best results, the pro’s at HTG Supply lay out some tips, tricks and general knowledge needed for a successful ebb and flow grow!
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Talking Shop: Shedding Light on CMH

Published on 11/10/17
Ceramic metal halide (CMH) is no fad. Recent developments in CMH technology have these lights landing in more and more indoor gardens around the nation, and with good reason. Our experts shed some full-spectrum light on the misnomers surrounding CMH, and discuss the applications and results of these new lights!
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Talking Shop: EC – The Shocking Truth

Published on 11/03/17
What you need to know about EC and why you should know it. As one of the most important parts of water and nutrient management, a complete understanding of this is essential to the success of your indoor garden, especially if you are growing with hydroponics.
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Talking Shop: Go With the Flow

Published on 10/27/17
This week, we're going to keep it breezy – let's talk about airflow! Our experts at the stores cover the keys to air movement through and within the grow room, and its impact on growth. Read on to learn how to calculate cfm requirements, configure fans, and check out the discount code of the week!
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Talking Shop: Let your T5 Shine!

Published on 10/13/17
Fluorescent lighting is one of the most tried and true lighting options for indoor growing. It has evolved and been fine-tuned to what it is today. The Prospect Park location covers the very good reason why the High Output T5 lights are so popular.
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Talking Shop: Deep Water Cultures

Published on 10/06/17
There are a few ways to go about growing hydroponically. One of the proven methods is the Deep Water Culture. Our West Springfield location touches on how to get your plant(s) submerged in a nutrient solution and keep it healthy for it's entire lifecycle.
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Talking Shop: Compost Tea

Published on 09/29/17
Introducing natural bacteria and fungi can be very beneficial to a plant's health. And that's where Compost Tea's comes in to play in the indoor garden. HTG Supply in Roseville explains the extreme benefits tea's have in any growing scenario.
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Talking Shop: Organics & Hydroponics

Published on 09/22/17
When starting a new indoor garden, the first question should be whether to grow in soil or hydroponically. There are many reasons to grow in either of these two mediums. HTG's Prospect Park experts break it down, and even touch on a hybrid option.
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Talking Shop: The Roots of Success

Published on 09/15/17
If you've been around an indoor garden for any length of time, you've heard the saying "the better the roots, the better the fruits". Our experts in the field at the Taylor, MI store dig down to uncover how your roots are impacted by certain nutrients.
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Talking Shop: Mother Grows Best!

Published on 09/08/17
Plant cloning is a valuable technique in the indoor grower's arsenal, and on the other end of every good cutting is a healthy, thriving mother plant. Learn the ins and outs of caring for and maintaining your mamma plant to ensure your clones get off to the best start possible.
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