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Talking Shop: Doubled Ended HID's

Published on 09/01/17
One of the largest aspects of indoor gardening is the constant evolution of grow lights. The double ended high intensity discharge (DE HID) lamps have burst onto the scene and aren't slowing down anytime soon. Our Beltsville location gives a rundown on everything you need to know about using DE HID's in your garden.
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Talking Shop: Fabric Grow Pots

Published on 08/25/17
There are many different containers you can grow a plant in. But one aspect that is largely overlooked is getting oxygen to your roots. Our Traverse City store picks apart the fabric grow pots and explains why they are one of the most beneficial grow containers on the market.
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Talking Shop: That Smell

Published on 08/18/17
Growing indoors has it's benefits and it's complications. One of the easily noticeable side-effects of growing indoors is the odors your plants may put off. HTG Supply in Melbourne throws together a breakdown on how to take care of smells you may not want in your grow and living space.
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Talking Shop: Pest Prevention

Published on 08/11/17
Maintaining a healthy garden is key to having a bountiful harvest. One of the largest nuisances that can stunt your garden growth is pests. Our Prospect Park location breaks down the best ways to prevent and treat pest infestations.
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Talking Shop: Bloom Enhancers

Published on 08/02/17
An in-depth discussion of bloom enhancing nutrients designed specifically to increase fruit/flower quantity and quality. Our Portland store breaks down the 5 basic categories these products fit into as well as when to use them and how to combine them to optimize their effects on your harvest.
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