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Commercial Hemp Growing

Commercial Hemp Growing

Hemp cultivation is a rapidly expanding market for farmers across America. As more states legalize and permit the growing of industrial hemp, farmers are rushing to find the best methods to seed, care for, and harvest the country’s next biggest cash crop. With hundreds of strains to choose from, limited research available, and the complexities of the hemp plant itself, even experienced growers need a helping hand in making the best decisions for their business and bottom line. What’s the difference between low and high CBD plants? How can I make the best use of the space available? Should I start from seed or can I clone? In a growing marketplace, it can be tough to find the answers you need to get started.

HTG Supply is a family-owned and operated company, helping growers achieve their growing dreams since 2003. More than just another gardening store, HTG Supply has knowledge and expertise on the hemp plant in particular. We understand the complexities that come with cannabis sativa, and we’re prepared to assist your hemp farm, regardless of your acreage and size, to meet your goals. With the tools you need to start seeds, cut clones, and harvest valuable CBD flower, as well as planting containers, organic soils, we’ve got what you need to succeed. Our on-staff team of expert cultivators can guide you through the intricacies of the hemp plant itself and answer your questions about pests, plant care, and best practices and techniques.

What you Need to Know- Hemp has a long and proud history in the United States, it had been cultivated for centuries prior to it’s prohibition in 1937 primarily for it’s superior fiber strength, robust plant health and vigor, and wide application of plant materials. The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 was a proposed law to remove hemp (defined as cannabis with less than 0.3% THC) from Schedule I controlled substances and making it an ordinary agricultural commodity. Its provisions were incorporated in the 2018 United States Farm Bill that became law on December 20, 2018…Learn More (Wikipedia)


How to Get Started-Are you growing industrial hemp? Will you use your hemp for Medicinal CBD? Growing in a greenhouse? Regardless of how you’re growing, there are two key items that need to be addressed. First, you must find a field  in which to grow. Many industrial hemp programs require that fields be a certain distance from each other, so consult with your state’s guidelines to find a proper space. Speaking of states, the second item you need to address before you start is registering and receiving approval from your state government. Again, this will vary state by state. You need a lot of land: This is a crop suited for industrial applications, not farmer’s market sales. As with most grains, it’s tough to be profitable growing hemp without planting at least 50 acres or so (unless you’re growing for CBD).


Find Hemp Growing Products-Normal hardware and farm stores won’t be able to provide the type of support a large scale hemp growing operation needs. A special crop requires special attention, make sure you have the right tools for the right job. Especially if you’re growing medicinal hemp for eventual CBD processing.

Medicinal Hemp
2019-06-13 15:01:55
This guide will detail the phases of hemp growth from seed to harvest. We will discuss techniques suitable for the production of industrial hemp for seed and fiber and also...
Industrial Hemp
2019-06-13 16:11:58
Before you get started growing hemp… The Legal cultivation of hemp isn’t as straight forward as you might hope. There are many state and local laws that hinder and prohibit...
Prepping Your Land
2019-07-29 15:24:33
Prepping Your Land Hemp’s fertilizer requirements can vary depending on your target density of plants. In general, industrial hemp has a high nutrient requirement, much like corn or wheat. Hemp...
When To Plant
2019-07-29 15:25:22
When to Plant Timing your seeding date correctly can make or break a successful industrial hemp crop. Farmers will have to make decisions about when to plant well before the...
Know Before You Grow
2019-07-29 15:25:58
Know Before You Grow Industrial hemp is cannabis sativa that has a THC level of 0.3% or less. Just like how Great Danes and Chihuahuas are both members of the...
Getting Started
2019-07-29 15:21:57
Getting Started Planting requirements will vary based on two key factors, the application of your final plants (oilseed, fiber, or CBD) and the composition of your field. The first decision...
Cloning And Planting Clones
2019-07-29 15:22:52
Cloning and Planting Clones Cloning is a simple way to ensure uniformity of strains and plants in your field. Although this method will require individual planting for each plant, much...
2019-07-29 15:23:48
Seeding For hemp production, seeding 25-40lb an acre will give you the best results. Final plant population should be anywhere between 10-20 plants per square foot. Resources online vary wildly...

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