Cloning and Planting Clones

Cloning is a simple way to ensure uniformity of strains and plants in your field. Although this method will require individual planting for each plant, much more labor-intensive, farmers can guarantee a uniform product. Cloning also ensures that your field will test about the same CBD and THC concentrations of your mother plant, avoiding the crop-destroying amount of above 0.3% THC. The biggest benefit to growing with clones is strain consistency. By utilizing an indoor garden space to hunt for high performing female plants, growers can find ideal mother plants for cloning. By keeping a specific strain over several years, a consistent output is guaranteed.  Clones also give farmers the ability to get a head start on the growing season. By later May, about the time that fields will begin to be seeded, clone fields can be planted with 3″-9″ clones, enabling about a 2 to 3-week advantage in growing time over seeded fields.