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AgroMax T5 LED

Pete walks us through the new AgroMax High-Output LED T5 lamp!

This new T5 LED Grow Light Tube is a direct retrofit into most 4′ T5 fixtures, (F54), with no wiring necessary, it simply installs just the same as a traditional T5 lamp. With incredible output and efficiency, the new AgroMax T5 lamp is sure to be a great addition to any grow. Convert your existing T5 fixtures to LED Grow Lights with this simple lamp change out.

With a 6400K spectrum and a 5200 lumen output, the AgroMax LED T5 will supercharge your grow! While other LED T5 bulbs put out 5000 lumens, the AgroMax LED T5 puts out 5200. While other 6400K T5 bulbs require 54 watts of electricity, the AgroMax LED T5 runs on only 41 watts, a power savings of over 20%!

The AgroMax LED T5 doesn’t even require a reflector! The LED board doesn’t emit light in all directions like a fluorescent T5 bulb, so no light is diminished by shining in the wrong direction. Because of this, you can choose a T5 housing with no reflector (or remove the reflector on your current housing), creating the lowest-profile T5 light possible – not one ounce of light, power, or space is wasted!

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