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HTG Supply is proud to showcase some of our best selling grow tents. We offer a variety of grow tents, but we believe that the AgroMax brand grow tents we sell online and in our retail locations are simply the best grow tents on the market regarding both overall quality AND price. Let’s take a look at some of the best grow tents you can get your hands on today, right here at HTG Supply.

The AgroMax 2x3 Small Grow Tent Kit

The AgroMax 2x3 is the perfect small portable grow space. This tent is ideal for growers who want to start a small closet grow without taking up the whole closet. This tent is also great for small start to finish grows, or for vegetative growth before moving into a larger flowering area. It’s also fantastic for seed starting!

Key Features:

  • 36" Width x 22" Depth x 63" Height
  • Sturdy steel frame w/ locking corners
  • Shiny Silver Ultra-Reflective “MYLAR” Lined Interior
  • EZView Window

The Silverback Large Green Grow Tent by AgroMax

The Silverback line of grow tents is the latest all-new design from AgroMax. These are simply the toughest and best grow tents on the market, with upgraded construction, premium materials and thick ballistic nylon shell. This model offers over 22 square feet of growing space with high ceilings for bigger yields. This tent comfortably accommodates higher wattage HID grow lights up to 1000 watts. The flexibility provided by the vent ports which are designed to easily handle ducting configurations for up to four inline fan and carbon air filter systems make this a great tent for a variety of setups.

Key Features

  • 57" Width x 57" Depth x 95" Height
  • Over 22 Square Feet, 179 Cubic Feet
  • 6 4-10” vents
  • 2 Easyview windows
  • Extra Thick 2000D Ballistic Nylon Shell
  • AgroMax Diamond Press Reflective Material
  • Removable spillproof floor liner

The Silverback XL Green Grow Tent by AgroMax

The Silverback XL offers nearly 40 square feet compared to the 22 square foot large model. Enjoy the same premium materials you’d find in the entire Silverback product line with thirty-eight square feet of growing space and a height of nearly eight feet!

Key Features:

  • 96" Width x 57" Depth x 95" Height
  • 38 Square Feet, 301 Cubic Feet
  • 10 4-10” vents
  • 4 Easyview windows
  • Extra Thick 2000D Ballistic Nylon Shell
  • AgroMax Diamond Press Reflective Material
  • Removable spillproof floor liner

AgroMax Super XXL 10x10 Grow Tent

For growers looking for a 100 square foot grow tent that is high quality but affordable, the AgroMax 10x10 grow tent for under $500 is a fantastic option. For those looking for a 100 square feet with even more bells and whistles, continue reading below about the Silverback Super XL green grow tent by AgroMax, which is the new and improved version. For example, while the AgroMax 10x10 has double doors on the front and rear, it only has one window compared to the tent windows you’ll find on the Silverback Super XL.

Key Features:

  • 120" wide x 120" depth x 79" height
  • Super sturdy steel frame
  • Heavy-duty light proof ballistic nylon shell

The Silverback Super XL Green Grow Tent by AgroMax

You won’t find a better or more resilient grow tent on the market than the upgraded Silverback Super XL green grow tent. The tent is a utilitarian dream and can be configured in unlimited ways to best suit your needs. It can be easily divided into two spaces for separate grow spaces under one tent. This state-of-the-art grow tent is the size of a normal bedroom and can accommodate up to four 1000 watt HID grow lights with ease. It boasts eight Easyview windows for, you guessed it, easy viewing!

Key Features:

  • 120" Width x 120" Depth x 95" Height
  • 100 square feet, over 790 cubic feet
  • 14 4-10” vent ports
  • 8 Lower Vents with removable covers & micro-mesh screen
  • 8 Easyview Windows
  • Extra Thick 2000D Ballistic Nylon Shell

The AgroMax 14x28x10 Grow House

This is not your grandfather’s grow tent! This AgroMax Grow House offers 392 square feet of growing space, perfect for accommodating all types of hydroponic and soil grow setups. This tent is designed to essentially operate as an entire grow room with the convenience that growing in a tent provides. This unit is actually tall enough to run a 1000w double ended grow light! For those looking to move up from the modest grow tents but still want the convenience of a completely enclosed tent system, the AgroMax Grow House is the answer. Our AgroMax Grow House is custom made for HTG Supply, with features you can’t find anywhere else!

Best Grow Tent Conclusion 

There you have it! For years, AgroMax has built a reputation as one of the best manufacturers of grow tents on the market. AgroMax’ latest Silverback product line has proven that AgroMax is dedicated to constantly improving their products and listening to the needs of the online grow community. If you have any questions about choosing the right grow tent for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

In addition to grow tents, don’t forget HTG Supply offers the best selection of complete grow tent kits that include EVERYTHING you need to start growing, from grow lights and ballasts to ventilation and nutrients. Each item can be individually upgraded to allow you to customize our grow tent kits to meet your exact needs. Read our recent article about the Best Grow Tent Kits for Beginners for more information.