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Digital Greenhouse Electronic ballasts have a proven track record of reliability and performance. Digital Greenhouse ballasts are also one of the very few Digital Ballast to earn the U.L. Listing Seal of Approval that ensures the product is safe to use. Digital Greenhouse ballasts offer a 5 year warranty (3 year full warranty, 2 year pro-rated) so you can rest assured this is a quality product that will give you many years of solid performance.

Here are some of the great features of the Digital Greenhouse Digital Ballast product line:

• Cool Running
• Whisper Quiet
• Energy Efficient
• Buit in Cooling Fan
• Soft-Start Technology
• Cooling Fin Technology
• 10' Grounded Power Cord
• Integrated Fuse Protection
• Keyhole Mounting Brackets
• Common Socket Receptacle
• Operates both HPS & MH Lamps
• Auto Multi-Volt Operation 120v or 240v
• Dimmable models available in (400, 600, & 1000 watt)

Digital Greenhouse Dimmable ballasts are the latest innovation in high intensity discharge (HID) horticultural lighting technology. The Digital Greenhouse dimmable ballast allows you to operate your lamps at 50%, 75% or 100%. 1000 watt models even include a super output setting to give lamps an extra boost of power.

This is especially useful when you have young plants that do not need and cannot withstand the full output of 1,000 watts. You can start your plants under 50% power, as they grow move up to 75%, and then finish them off with 100% full power. This also saves you money on your electric bill, and more importantly, fulfills the lighting needs your plants require at specific stages of growth. It's all about control. You control the output of the light your plants need, when they need it!

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