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Grow tent kits have been providing indoor gardeners with a hassle-free and efficient way to start growing indoors for years. As the indoor gardening industry continues to boom, new grow tents and kits continue to pop up on the market. Unfortunately, not all of these products are created equal. Many of the manufacturers and retailers you'll find selling grow tent kits have zero experience in the indoor gardening industry and are merely trying to cash in on a growing market. If you’re an ambitious new gardener looking to get started, it can be hard to sift through and find the right balance between quality and affordability.

The good news is, you’ve come to the right place! HTG Supply has a passion for indoor gardening, with years of experience and retail hydroponic stores in over nine states across the country. Every single grow tent kit offered on HTG Supply comes with everything you need start a professional-quality garden in as little space as a spare closet.

Why Grow Tent Kits Are Perfect For Beginners

One of the best advantages of buying a grow tent kit is the affordability. The grow tent kits offered in our store provide significant savings than if you were to buy each piece individually, making them a great way to get a high quality grow setup at a lower price. In addition to saving money, grow tent kits are popular among beginners due to their ease of use and the assurance that each piece of equipment will be compatible and designed to work well together.

While most people associate grow tent kits with beginners, there are plenty of high-end grow tent kits available for seasoned pros as well. The grow tent kits on HTG Supply are fully customizable, so each individual piece can be upgraded to meet your preferences. The advantages of this are you still get the savings associated with buying your equipment in a packaged kit, while being able to pick and choose upgrades on the equipment you feel is most important.

What Beginners Should Look For In A Grow Tent Kit

Here are the features to look for in any grow tent you are considering:

  • Tent and Fabric: The material of the tent itself is one of the most critical aspects of a quality kit. The material must be able to contain a microenvironment that will enable you to precisely control temperature, humidity, and photoperiods. You’ll also want something that is durable and built to last. The AgroMax grow tents we sell at HTG Supply are all made of a thick fabric and are designed with a lightproof construction to prevent small light leaks from disrupting your plants at “nighttime”. You’ll often see grow tent manufacturers describe their tent’s fabric thickness in terms of “D”. For example, a grow tent fabric with a thickness of 600D refers to the thread or yarn thickness. The materials used in our grow tents are well above industry standard. For example, the AgroMax SilverBack XL grow tent boasts an extra-thick 2000d ballistic nylon weave shell.
  • Reflective Liner:  A good grow tent should be lined with mylar to reflect and maximize your grow lights’ output evenly. Not all reflective materials are created equal, so do some research on the material used and its ability to reflect light evenly and efficiently.
  • Tent materials:  Apart from the tent fabric itself, the quality of the stitching and zippers used need to be built to last. Broken zippers and rips in the fabric near the zipper are some of the most common problems you’ll face with a poorly constructed grow tent. Remember, much of the point of the grow tent is to create a controllable environment, so apart from the headaches of broken and zipper cause you, they don’t do any favors for your plants either.
  • Grow Lights:  The type, wattage, and quality of your grow light are an essential part of the grow tent kit, as it will likely account for a significant amount of the cost. To make things as simple as possible for our shoppers, we offer grow tent kits for all types of grow light setups! View our HID grow kits, LED grow kits, and fluorescent grow kits for more information.
  • Soil or Hydro:  Whether you choose to grow in soil or grow hydroponically, it can be wise to purchase a grow tent kit designed for the grow medium you intend to use. We offer both soil grow kits and hydroponic grow kits to make it as simple as possible for beginners and seasoned growers alike.
  • Frame:  Look for a grow tent with a sturdy steel frame or a material that can offer a similar stability and durability. The frame is the skeleton of your tent which will support the weight of the fabric and any mounted ventilation, etc. Cheap grow tents often skimp and use cheap materials for the frame that result in a flimsy product you can’t depend on.
  • Size: You’ll need to determine how many plants you plan on growing and how much free space you have for your tent. More importantly, you’ll need to know the type and wattage of the grow light you intend to use to make sure your grow tent can accommodate your planned setup. We offer grow tent kits that come with a variety of the most common grow tent sizes available. Be careful not to select a grow tent that you may outgrow and want to move to something more substantial after your first harvest.
  • Ports and Vents:  Some grow tents are designed with ports and vents to accommodate your ventilation and odor control equipment, not to mention electricity needs.  Other tents will have few or no existing ports but instead allow you to cut your own. There are advantages to both systems since the latter allows for greater customizability. For the most part, we recommend a beginner to start with a grow tent that already has existing ports and vents for ease of use.

Be sure to shop our entire selection of grow tent kits and we’re certain you’ll find the perfect grow tent kit for your needs. Remember, each of our grow tent kits can be customized to suit your exact needs!