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Hello Growers!

The sensational new GrowBright SmartGrow LED is loaded with intuitive features that provide ease of use with complete control of your lighting! In this video, we address a common question about these unique LED grow lights: "How do I reset my SmartGrow LED?" It's actually quite simple and only takes thirty seconds. Just press and hold the UP, DOWN, and POWER buttons on the right side of the LCD touch display for three (3) seconds. As you can see in this video, it will take approximately thirty (30) seconds to full boot back up to the default setting.

You may also be asking "Why would I have to reset it to default settings?" Well, the SmartGrow comes fine-tuned to the perfect Bloom/Veg/Clone setting. That being said, these grow lights are extremely customizable and can be programmed to fit your personal indoor gardening needs. But if you ever need to go back to the default settings, whether you're starting a new plant or found the default setting to work better for you, it's a simple fix. And that's all! Very simple, and very useful. Good Growing!