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HTG Supply is the #1 hydroponics store for all the hydro supplies you need! Shop now for the best grow lights available, including our cutting edge selection of LED grow lights. From grow tents to nutrients, we strive to provide our customers with the best hydro supplies at reasonable prices. Order online today or visit one of our hydroponic store locations!

Learn how to grow your own! Our Indoor Garden Information Center offers expert insights into indoor gardening, hydroponics, urban gardening and more. Want to know how to grow CBD hemp or industrial hemp? We can help with that too! Whatever you grow, we can help you succeed.

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Boveda 62 Percent 8 Gram
Boveda 62% RH Packs
HTG Bandanna
HTG Seamless Bandana
Htg Beach Box Closed
HTG Beach Box
1/8"x8'  Rope Ratchet 75lb
AgroMax Rope Ratchets - 1/8" x 8 Foot - 75lb Max Each
Clear Saucers
Clear Vinyl Saucers
Rhizocore 6 Inch Bucket Lid
6 Inch RhizoCore Basket Bucket Lid
5 Gallon Hydroponics Bucket
5 Gallon Black Bucket
HTG Supply Plastic Herb Grinder
HTG Plastic Herb Grinder
Advanced Nutrients Phgmb
Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow Micro Bloom
5.5 Gallon Ultra Oxy Pot
Ultra Oxy Air Pruning Pots - 5 Gallon
1 Liter Air Pots Propagatoin Size
Super Roots 1 Liter Propagation Air Pots
Canna Coco 50L
CANNA Coco - 50 Liter Bag
Pot Htg Hd
Heavy Duty Saucers
Canna Coco Brick 2
CANNA Coco Brick - 40L
Rhizocore 10 Inch Bucket Lid
10 Inch RhizoCore Basket Bucket Lid
3.5 Gallon Hydroponics Bucket
3.5 Gallon Black Bucket
Adv B52
Advanced Nutrients B52 Plant Metabolism Booster
Agromax Nursery Flat Tray
AgroMax Nursery Flat Tray
7 Gallon Ultra Oxy Pot
Ultra Oxy Air Pruning Pots - 7 Gallon
Burp Lids for Mason Jars
Htg Bucket Grommet
3/4 inch Rubber Grommet
Square Farmer Tray
Square Farmer Pot Elevator 13"
HTG Supply 4 Foot 2 Lamp T5 Grow Light
HTG Supply 4 Foot 2 Lamp High Output T5 Fixture
Agromax Accelerooterseed Starting Tray
Accelerooter 55 Site Floating Seed Starter Tray

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