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HTG Supply Troy
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HTG Supply Hydroponics & Grow Lights – #1 Troy, MI Grow Store!

If you’re looking for the best grow store in Troy or Oakland County you need to head to HTG Supply Hydroponics & Grow Lights at 3914 Rochester Road, Troy MI 48083 for incredible deals on hydro & organic growing supplies, grow light systems of all types, grow tents, and everything else for your Indoor Garden! A short and convenient drive from the Rochester Hills and Sterling Heights areas, as well as nearby Oakland University, our Troy grow shop features the largest and most diverse selection of indoor gardening supplies in the Detroit Metro region with a special focus on the newest and best technology for growing plants in a controlled environment. Whether you’re growing for hobby, health, or profit our grow store in Troy offers a full range of equipment & supplies to support your project including a wide selection of high-efficiency T5 grow lights & LED grow lights, organic nutrients & specialty grow pots, grow tents & complete grow kits, ventilation & automation systems, precision instruments & accessories, and thousands of other specialty horticultural supplies – all at unbeatable prices. With a huge inventory of products by top manufacturers like Hydrofarm, Advanced Nutrients, General Hydroponics, FoxFarm and AgroMax to choose from and an experienced crew that’s dedicated to helping you get the most out of your grow, you’ll get what you need and save more at the HTG Supply Troy hydro store!

HTG Supply Troy is your destination if you’re looking for the best hydroponics store near Pontiac – Bloomfield Twp – Carter Twp – Southfield – Novi – or Sterling Heights. Growers from all around Oakland County and nearby come to shop for grow lights, carbon filters & ventilation, hydroponics systems and other specialty supplies at the HTG Supply Troy, MI indoor garden store because they know we’ll have the gear they need when they need it and for the best price. Browse our shelves and check out our in-store grow tent displays with the virtual tour, or stop in and see for yourself why HTG Supply Troy is considered to be the best local grow store in the area!

HTG Supply is more than just a grow shop – we are an indoor gardening superstore with the inventory and know-how to assist any grower. We stock growing lights of all kinds including T5 grow light models, HPS, MH, LED fixtures, CMH & LEC grow lights and more – all of the major brand hydroponic nutrients like Advanced Nutrients, Foxfarm, General Hydroponics – dozens of growing tent models & complete grow kits – ventilation and carbon filter systems for grow rooms and grow tents – coco coir & hydroton clay pebbles grow mediums – pH meters & TDS meters – the finest organic soil products such as Foxfarm Ocean Forest and Promix BX – specialty containers like smart pots and grow bags – a comprehensive collection of all natural fertilizers & organic nutrients – environmental controllers, containers, grow mediums, accessories, and everything else that you need for growing indoors. Watch the HTG Supply Troy grow shop video for more on our brands and products!

HTG Supply Troy is a proud distributor of: Advanced Nutrients, Age Old Organics, AgroMax, All Day Organics, Aptus Plant Tech, Atami, Aurora Innovations, Bluelab, Botanicare, Can Filters, CAP, Clonex, Digital Greenhouse, Doktor Doom, Earth Juice, Einstein, Emerald Harvest, Emerald Triangle Exhale, Eye Hortilux, EZ Clone, Fiskars, FoxFarm, GE, General Hydroponics, General Organics, Grodan, GrowBright, GROZONE, Hanna Instruments, Heavy 16, High Yield, Lighting, Hormex, House & Garden, HTGSupply, Hydrofarm, Hygrozyme, Light Rail, Nectar For The Gods, Olivia’s, Ona, Organic Rescue Mist, Organically Done, Osram, Phat Sacks, Physan 20, Pro-Mix, PURE, Rhizoflora, Rock Nutrients, Roots Organics, Serenade, Solis Tek, SunMaster, Superthrive, Technaflora, The Guano Company, Uvonair, and many others!