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About Carbide

Carbon-lined, all-black, and discreet, Carbide Supply Bags are an excellent tool to transport even the smelliest of herbs and material. Carbon lined interiors trap scents from escaping, and odor-proof construction locks in scents from otherwise permeable areas like zippers and seams. The low-key charcoal-gray on dark black design lets these bags blend in with whatever you’re carrying, and the dark color scheme lets these bags disappear where brightly colored competitors stick out.
Our Carbide Supply Bags come in two sizes, an everyday Pocket Bag for small items and a Travel Belt with an adjustable elastic waistband for on-the-go activities. Pick out the Pocket Bag for transporting small, smelly items and take on the Travel Belt for larger loads. Leak-proof zippers, internal carbon lining, and double-stitched seams provide the scent-proof backbone of these two products. Shop now for Carbide Supply Bags and lock in even the smelliest gym sock odors today.

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