Espoma is a company with a robust history in the wonderful world of gardening. Founded in 1929, Espoma has over eight decades of experience and has witnessed a lot of changes in gardening during that time. Although many of their products are beloved by hydroponic growers, they have a much wider focus than just hydroponic supplies, offering a variety of natural and organic nutrients for lawns, indoor gardens and outdoor gardens alike.
Espoma is an American company, located in Millville, New Jersey. HTG Supply is proud to offer a number of Espoma products for sale. Most notably, our customers have grown especially fond of their Organic Traditions product line, which includes Blood Meal, Lime and Green Sand products, among others. Browse our selection of Espoma products below. If there is an Espoma product you are looking for but you don’t see listed, simply give us a call  and we will either help you track it down or recommend a worthy alternative if possible.