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240 Volt Timers for Sale

240 Volt Timers for Sale

240v timers are built to operate on 240v circuits and power 240-volt equipment. High voltage lights operate their circuitry more efficiently, so powering your grow with 240v makes every cent count when it comes to reducing costs. HTG Supply’s selection of 240v timers are built tUsing timers for your hydroponic system ensures that you won’t need to be in the room every time the system needs to be pumped or the lights need to be turned on or off. While you should still check on your hydroponic systems daily, using timers means that you won’t need to be physically monitoring your system at all times. Timers ensure that your plants receive the same amount of water and light every day to increase their growth.

What Are Timers Used For?

Hydroponic systems use timers to control both the water cycles of ebb and flow systems and control lighting. Regardless of what type of hydroponic system you have, you should implement some timer systems to ensure your plants receive the same amount of attention every day. Crops love consistency and will perform better if their watering and lighting are on a routine every day.

Ebb and flow systems are the hydroponic systems that require timers the most. Unlike deep water culture systems, ebb and flow systems only drench plants periodically for a set amount of time. With a pump timer, your ebb and flow setup will get watered on a routine schedule. Digital pump timers are helpful for the information that they provide, but mechanical pump timers are tried and true and won’t reset if the power goes out. 

Your grow light should also be hooked up to a timer system. Using a light timer, you won’t have to interfere with your grow room manually and your plants will grow better from the routine. Like flow timers, mechanical timers are favorable in power outages, but digital light timers can provide extra information and settings.

Finding the Right Timer for Your System

At HTG Supply, we offer two types of 240v timers for sale.

High Yield 1 Outlet 240 Volt Mechanical Timer

The High Yield 1 Outlet 240 Volt Mechanical Timer works with any equipment. Whether you need a timer for pumps, lighting, air conditioning or heating devices, the High Yield 1 will provide your plants with consistent attention and never let them go without. Since it’s mechanical, this timer will last through power outages and ensure that your plants will get water and light even if you can’t be there to turn it back on. This timer is programmable for 24 hours in 15 minutes increments. 

BluePrint Single Outlet Digital Timer – 240 Volt

When you’re looking for a digital timer, the BluePrint Single Outlet Digital Timer is hyper-accurate and programmable down to the second. This timer can be programmed with up to eight different time cycles a day, with a minimum cycle of one minute and a maximum cycle of an entire week. It comes with an internal alarm and clock and even has an internal battery that charges every time it’s plugged in to protect your hydroponic system from power outages. 

Browse 240v Timers for Sale at HTG Supply

When you’re ready to add timers to your hydroponic systems, HTG Supply is here to provide quality products and service. Browse our entire selection of reliable 240v timers today.

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