315w CMH

Ceramic Metal Halide, Light Emitting Ceramic, Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide, whatever you call it, we have it here in our selection of 315w CMH Fixtures. A 315w CMH lamp is powerful enough to cover a 4’x4’ area for vegetative growth, and a 3’x3’ area for flowering, and provides full-spectrum lightning that includes far-red and UV spectrums for supercharged growth. These lamps pair well with our Medium Tents for their size and ventilation requirement.
Ceramic Metal Halide is the newest in High Intensity Discharge Technology, utilizing ceramic element to emit light instead of the more traditional quartz element found in regular metal halide lamps. This puts off a higher quality spectrum, lowers heat output, and creates a longer lasting bulb. For growers, this means better yields, fewer ventilation requirements and lower ventilation costs, and infrequent bulb replacement.