1000 Watt DE

Double ended HPS technology is making its presence known in the growing world with some of the best results produced by any grow lights yet. This lamp technology has shown horticulturalists a new path to greater yields and quality. Double-ended HPS lights are now emerging from several reputable manufacturers in the hydroponics industry. The effects on yields are exceptionally positive for what seems like 100 percent of growers who try them. So, what makes double ended HPS lights so special?… For starters, double ended HPS bulbs degrade slower than traditional, single-ended or mogul base bulbs used in standard high-pressure sodium lights. In fact, after 10,000 hours, double-ended lamps will still output approximately 90 percent of their original intensity. Our selection of double ended grow lights offer systems that provide all or these benefits, including some of the most popular DE fixtures on the market such as the Gavita Pro 1000 E-Series DE.