All-In-One Fixtures

All-in-One Double Ended Light Systems give you the ballast, bulb, and reflector all in one neat package. 1000w DEs are excellent for maximum production in a single fixture, and have yields consistently higher than 1000w single-ended bulbs. With our wide variety of systems, take your pick of AgroMax, Gavita, and more to find a fixture perfect for your budget and needs.
The spectrum and relative energy measurement of DE lamps dictated in micromoles far surpass that of the industry-standard high-intensity discharge (HID) mogul technology. Micromoles is a term we are hearing more and more in our industry. It’s a measurement that provides a comparative reference to understand what crops need in terms of light level requirements for particular crops and their various phases of growth. The double-ended HPS lamp has been recorded to produce more than 2,000 micromoles, whereas traditional mogul-based technology falls as low as 50 percent less with identical variables. Think of it this way: you’re using the same amount of energy to produce up to 50 percent less usable light to your crop.