600w HID

Behind every great 600w grow light is a powerful 600w HID ballast. For HPS lighting, 600w is the single most efficient HID source, striking an ideal balance between light output, heat, and operating wattage. HTG Supply carries 600w ballasts from a range of top-tier manufacturers, both magnetic and digital for your growing needs.
Magnetic ballasts are tried and true technology, with decades of street-lamp driving under their belts. They’re cheap, but also heavy, noisy, and run hot. On the newer side of the equation, we have digital ballasts. With solid-state circuitry designed to push your HPS and MH bulbs to their absolute limit, digital ballasts run more efficiently, generate less heat, and have a slightly higher output than magnetic ballasts. Take a peek at our offerings of 600w HID ballasts and get your grow on today!