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About Grow Tent Kits

If you are interested in using a grow tent for your indoor garden, a grow tent kit includes all the features you need — from the tent to the lighting to ventilation equipment and other essential accessories. At HTG Supply, we have grown tent kits for sale with a wide variety of components so that you can find the perfect solution for your unique growing operation.

Our Grow Tent Kits for Sale

HTG Supply carries several types of indoor grow tent kits, including:

Soil tent kits: Each of these kits come with high-quality organic nutrients and soil that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Hydroponic grow kits: Our hydroponic grow kits combine all the tools you need to get your indoor hydroponic growing operation up and running quickly. With the grow tent, lights and hydroponic system all included, these kits will save you money on buying pieces individually.

LED grow kits: Based on the size of the tent that you are looking for, you will find kits with the ideal setup. These kits include LED lights, light hangers, timers, choice of soil or hydro setups, temperature control equipment and anything else you may need.

HPS grow kits: These kits are well-suited to flowering and fruiting operations thanks to their powerful lighting and warmth. HPS grow kits contain HPS lights, a tent, ventilation, a planting medium and other accessories.

CMH grow kits: Our CMH kits are available with tents in many different sizes and lights of varying wattages. With their reliable, long-lasting lighting capabilities, CMH grow kits can be used for cultivating many types of plants at all stages.

Fluorescent grow kits: We carry a wide range of fluorescent grow kits, from small tent kits for cloning to larger tents with T5 lights for growth from seed to harvest.

All of the products included in our grow tent kits for sale can also be upgraded for a completely customized setup.

Why Buy Grow Tent Kits From HTG Supply?

When you buy grow tent kits from HTG Supply, you will receive everything you need to create the right growing environment. Having all the products you need in one convenient kit saves you time and money. The items in the kits we carry are manufactured by top brands, including AgroMax, GrowBright, Digital Greenhouse, Roots Organics and Advanced Nutrients, for quality you can trust.

We also provide fast shipping turnaround times, so you will have your grow tent kit delivered to your door within a few days of placing your order.

If you live near one of our retail store locations, you can stop by to see our inventory in person and chat with our friendly, knowledgeable staff. We continue to add stores across the country, so keep an eye out for new locations!

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you with your indoor gardening supply needs. We can make recommendations, help you find specific products and lend our growing expertise to help make your operation a success.

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