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About Compost Tea

It's organic! It's compost! It's… tea? That's right, HTG Supply carries organic compost tea. Unlike that bitter earl grey your grandmother enjoys with her crumpets, compost tea is a special blend of organic fertilizers, supplements, and active biology to deliver a nutrient packed one-two punch to your plants. Compost tea works best when brewed for up to 24 hours before use, and then used within 48 hours after brewing. When we say brew, we mean aerate and mix the substances using either a compost tea brewer or just a 5 gallon bucket with an air ring. The brewing processes simply adds oxygen to the water, thoroughly mixes the compost tea, and wakes up the beneficial fungus and bacteria. Shop now for organic compost tea pre-made blends, or head on over to our Super Soil Recipe and make your own!

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