12 Inch Air Stone



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Sunleaves’ 12″ Air Stone is a helpful tool in hydroponic gardening to help oxygenate the water in the reservoir. Air Stones can be used in Ebb and Flow, Deep Water Culture, Flood and Drain, Aeroponics, and more.

  • 12 inch Air Stone
  • Oxygenates the water which helps your plant’s roots
  • Encourages healthy growth; helps plant reach max potential
  • Works well in a variety of growing systems

In stock


Maximize your potential!

Sunleaves’ Air Stones help to prevent stagnant water in your hydroponic / water based growing systems. Air stones are incredibly helpful in the fact that they oxygenate the water, which also encourages strengthened roots; maximizing your growth potential. By putting movement in your reservoir, it encourages the vital nutrients to circulate.

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