GrowBright 3′ LED Strip Light

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GrowBright 3' LED strip lights are well equipped to suit a wide variety of indoor growing applications. Each 3' LED strip light is a standalone light fixture complete with hanging hardware and 120v power cord. Utilizing 72 high power factor (HPF) LED's and only 36 watts, the 3' LED strip light delivers excellent output with minimal heat production, which makes it a viable alternative to T5 grow lights, and ideal for use in confined areas such as grow cabinets, grow tents, or planting shelves. An optimized 6500K horticultural spectrum makes the GrowBright 3' LED strip light an excellent choice among full spectrum LED grow lights for a wide variety of uses from seed starting and cloning to full-term growth for smaller plant varieties. Daisy chain capability also allows multiple fixtures to be connected to one power outlet to reduce wiring clutter.  

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GrowBright 3′ LED Strip Lights

GrowBright horticultural LED strip lights offer cool operating temperatures, extended lifespan, and high-performance growing power. Using self-cooling LED chips, GrowBright LED strip lights produce peak light output without creating extra heat. Efficiency and affordability make these lights well suited for a variety of horticultural applications, especially seed starting, supplemental lighting, and full-term growth for smaller plants. Each unit is a convenient stand-alone light fixture, complete and ready to grow with a high-efficiency reflector, 6′ power cord, on/off switch, and mounting hardware.

Growbright 3′ LED strip light fixture
6′ 120v power cord
mounting/hanging hardware
owner’s manual

GrowBright 3′ LED Strip Light Specs

  • Measures: 34.5″ Long x 2.375″ Wide x 1.75″ High
  • Electrical: 36 watts | 84-265V | .32A @ 120V
  • 72 high power factor LED chips
  • Built-in Nanotech reflector
  • Output: 3900 Lumens (109 lm/w)
  • Color Temperature: 6500K Full Spectrum
  • Wide angle 120° optics




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