3×3 Original Best Performance Grow Kit


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Grow Kit Combo 360w LED 4.0 Package


Lighting: The HTG 4.0 360w LED Grow Light brings massive growing power to your garden. Powered by our custom SMD LED chip array, HTG 4.0 LED’s produce an impressive 2.44 umol/watt, topping several industry leaders in efficiency and guaranteeing maximal photosynthetically-active light. Chock full of next-generation advancements like an enhanced full spectrum output, SMD LED technology, and fully interchangeable and upgradable modular LED pods, the HTG 4.0 takes your grow to the next level.

Includes: HTG Supply 4.0 LED grow light, pair of AgroMax rope ratchet hangers



Ventilation: The GrowBright Tall Boy 4″ fan and carbon filter package with speed control is the best odor control and airflow solution for small tents. Its 4″ Tall Boy filter provides increased airflow for more efficient cooling and contains more carbon for extended use, while the included fan-speed controller allows you to dial in the perfect airflow rate. If you’re looking for the best system to eliminate odors and ventilate your tent, this package has the tools you need. Hangers, ducting and clamps included!

Includes: GrowBright 4″ HV fan, GrowBright 4″ Tall Boy carbon filter, 8′ section 4″ ducting, 1′ section 4″ ducting, (2) pair 4″ clamps, (2) 4″ flange, AgroMax rope ratchet hangers, GrowBright fan speed controller



3×3 Original Grow Kit Tent Combo

A grow tent, grow light, and ventilation are the 3 key pieces of equipment for any indoor grow tent setup. Each of these items should be selected with the other two in mind to ensure a proper growing environment. If you’re looking for the essentials you’ll need in order to start growing your own or an easy upgrade to the core components of your existing garden, take advantage of one of these great combo deals. We’ve assembled these packages to give you the absolute best value, most popular, or best performing options.

Best Performance Combo
This bundle provides ultimate performance and convenience with the ideal systems for a 3×3 space. The HTG Supply 3.0 360w COB LED grow light is perfectly configured to produce incredible growth with outstanding energy efficiency in a 3×3 tent while the GrowBright 4″ Tall Boy Fan/Filter combo facilitates ventilation as well as odor control. All ductwork needed for installation is included, and the addition of the speed control allows ventilation to be dialed into the perfect level to help regulate temperature and humidity. This combo is primed to provide maximum growth and yields in the 3×3 tent!

• AgroMax 3×3 Original Grow Tent
• HTG Supply 3.0 360w COB LED Grow Light System
• GrowBright 4″ Tall Boy Fan & Filter Combo with Speed Control