4.5 x 4.5 Best Value Grow Kit


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Lighting: The 1000 watt HPS grow light has long been a favorite of indoor growers. The 1000 watt HPS grow light has long been a favorite of indoor growers. The HTG Supply 1000w grow light bundle delivers this tried and true technology with intelligent features that will stand up to years of use. The bundle also includes an enhanced-spectrum HPS bulb, MaxWing 4-sided reflector, 15′ remote socket set, and a pair of rope ratchet hangers. All equipment assembles easily with no tools required, and the system operates on a standard 120v grounded outlet.

Includes: (1) HTG Supply 1000w ballast, (1) Maxwing reflector, (1) 1000w HPS bulb, (1) mogul socket set, (1) pair of AgroMax rope ratchet hangers



Ventilation: GrowBright high-velocity inline fans are quiet, powerful, and perfect for use in a variety of indoor gardening applications including carbon filter odor control, as well as air-cooling for HID lighting and general ventilation. To set up the system, simply hang the fan on the tent roof supports. Then install the flange and connect the fan and flange using the included ducting and clamps.

• 424 CFM (cubic feet per minute) | 2500 RPM
• ELT listed for safety
• Mounting bracket included
• Grounded power cord (plugs into a standard household outlet)

Includes: GrowBright 6″ high-velocity fan, 6″ flange & coupler, 8′ section of 6″ ducting, pair of 6″ ring clamps



4.5 x 4.5 Large Grow Kit Tent Combos

A grow tent, grow light, and ventilation are the 3 key pieces of equipment for any indoor grow tent setup. Each of these items should be selected with the other two in mind to ensure a proper growing environment. If you’re looking for the essentials you’ll need in order to start growing your own or an easy upgrade to the core components of your existing garden, take advantage of one of these great combo deals. We’ve assembled these packages to give you the absolute best value, most popular, or best performing options.

Best Value Combo
The best value package is configured to give you the lowest price on the items needed for success. It pairs the tried and true HTG Supply 1000w HPS Grow Light system with a 6″ high-velocity fan kit to give you plenty of power to fill up this tent with plants and the ventilation needed to maintain a healthy environment. Lighting system highlights include dimmable ballast control, enhanced spectrum horticultural bulb, and high-frequency lamp drive for higher output and longer lamp life.

• AgroMax 4.5 x 4.5 Large Grow Tent
• HTG Supply 1000w HPS Grow Light System
• 6″ High-Velocity Fan Kit