4×8 Most Popular Grow Kit


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Lighting: Air-cooled 1000 watt HPS grow lights have long been a favorite of indoor growers. The AgroMax HiF grow light bundle takes this tried and true technology to the next level with its dimmable digital ballast, massive Big Kahuna air-cooled 6″ reflector, and enhanced-spectrum HPS bulb. The bundle also includes an enhanced spectrum MH lamp for the vegetative stage of growth, a remote socket set and a pair of rope ratchet hangers. This complete package make it one of the best grow light options for a large grow tent.

Includes: (2) AgroMax HiF 1000w digital ballasts, (2) Big Kahuna 6 air-cooled reflectors, (2) 1000w HPS bulbs, (2) 1000w MH bulbs, (2) 15′ mogul socket sets, (2) pair rope ratchet hangers



Ventilation: The GrowBright 6″ fan and carbon filter package is an excellent ventilation system choice that also eliminates garden odors. Its 424cfm GrowBright high-velocity fan and 6″ activated carbon filter are perfectly are perfectly calibrated to work in tandem for proper airflow and effective odor control. If you need to keep odors from your garden under control, this package has the tools you need. Hangers, ducting and clamps included!

Includes: GrowBright 6″ HV fan, GrowBright 6″ carbon filter, 8′ section 6″ ducting, 1′ section 6″ ducting, (2) pair 6″ clamps, 6″ flange, AgroMax rope ratchet hangers


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4×8 Grow Kit Tent Combos

A grow tent, grow light, and ventilation are the 3 key pieces of equipment for any indoor grow tent setup. Each of these items should be selected with the other two in mind to ensure a proper growing environment. If you’re looking for the essentials you’ll need in order to start growing your own or an easy upgrade to the core components of your existing garden, take advantage of one of these great combo deals. We’ve assembled these packages to give you the absolute best value, most popular, or best performing options.

Most Popular Combo
The most popular package features the top lighting and ventilation picks for the 4×4 tent. Air-Cooled 1000w grow lights have been a perennial favorite of growers with large grow tents thanks to their raw growing power. This package features the AgroMax 1000w HiF dimmable digital ballast bundled with the massive Big Kahuna 6 air-cooled hood, an enhanced spectrum 1000w HPS bulb, and a 1000w MH bulb for vegetative growth, making it a perfect fit for full-term growth in a 4×4 tent. Ventilation for the most popular kit is also upgraded to the GrowBright 6″ fan and carbon filter combo to provide odor control in addition to ventilation. All of the ducting and connections needed to integrate light cooling and ventilation are included for easy setup.

• AgroMax 4×8 XL Grow Tent
• (2) AgroMax Air-Cooled HiF 1000w HPS/MH Grow Light Systems
• GrowBright 6″ Fan & Carbon Filter Combo